Gnip Launches YouTube Comments API

One of the main advantages of YouTube is that content posted on the site often continues to see views long after the content is posted. With comments accumulating on YouTube long after the video is posted, it’s tough for social media managers to stay on top of all the comments. Popular brands often have hundreds of videos and monitoring comments can be tedious.

This is why Gnip added access to the YouTube Comments API as part of our Enterprise Data Collector. With the YouTube Comments API, Gnip customers can easily track the comments for all the videos they care about long after the video is posted.

To look at the type of content that populates YouTube comments, we wanted to do a little bit of fun research. Our data scientist, Scott Hendrickson, looked at the most popular videos of some of the most popular brands on YouTube — Nike, Sephora, Volkswagen, Barbie and Nerdist. One area we were interested in was the language that people use in YouTube comments, looking at both light-hearted words and words indicating sentiment, we calibrated the Lol index. Ultimately, we looked at how often the words Lol, good, bad, love, hate, omg, lmao, wtf showed up as a percentage of total YouTube comments for that video.

Despite having a reputation for negative words, we found that often the word love was used far more frequently than hate. Lol was the most frequently used term in sillier videos such as the Barbie Dreamhouse video, while Nike’s inspirational video’s comments were more likely to include the word love.

Ultimately, we’re excited to launch a product that makes it easier for brands to monitor their YouTube comments.

Sephora’s most popular video is “Sephora Presents How to use Violent Lips.”

Sephora Violent Lips Lol Index


Nerdist’s most popular video is “Sexy Jedi Bubblebath! Saber 2: Return of the Body Wash”

Nerdist YouTube Lol Index



Nike’s most popular video is Find Your Greatness.

Nike YouTube Comments Lol Index


 Volkswagen’s most popular video is The Force.

Volkswagen YouTube Lol Index________________________________

Barbie’s™ most popular video is “Life in the Dreamhouse — Happy Birthday Chelsea”

Barbie YouTube Lol Index