Wrapping Up Big Boulder

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Big Boulder has come and gone. Two days, 16 sessions, 36 speakers, 2,150 Tweets.

It was amazing to have the publishers who create the social data this industry is based on together in the same place with all of our customers who are the ones building impactful solutions with this data. One of the aspects that I personally loved was that people were able to interact so easily with their peers in the industry, sharing ideas and creating new connections.

The other fun aspect was to show off the best of Boulder. We had daily yoga classes, a hike on Friday morning and ended the conference with a bike pub crawl on Bcycle bikes. We also gave speaker gifts from two of my favorite Boulder companies, Kid Robot and Sphero (a robotic ball with its own gaming system.)

Check out our Big Boulder wrap-up video with the amazing Lindsay Campbell. You can also see the Facebook photo album and follow the social media highlights on our Storify page.


What Did Other People Say About the Content and Conference:

  • “And since my daily information consumption is substantially social, when Chris Moody, COO of Gnip, kicked off the Big Boulder conference talking about ‘Social Cocktails‘, I was all ears. It was then I immediately knew that I was in for two days of good content and smart people (and perhaps a couple of cocktails)—and I wasn’t disappointed,” said Daniela Barbosa of First Rain. Post: Social Cocktails With Your Dinner?
  • “I was seriously impressed by the volume and variety of interesting data that is being collected, curated, and shared via APIs,” said Adam Feldstein of SEOmoz. Post: A Few Takeaways from the Big Boulder Conference on Social Media Data
  • “The event was truly well done. It was hard to believe this was the first year and I look forward to next year.” Michael Myers. Post: #BigBoulder 2012 Rundown
  • “After the buzz factor is removed, the reality is that social data is in its infancy and what we are witnessing today is just the tip of the iceberg. I was pleasantly surprised to meet many players in the social data ecosystem: from social network / platforms to analytics companies to organizations of all sorts working to leverage social data for a myriad use case,” said Babar Bhatti of MutualMind: Post: Big Boulder: The Power of Social Data
If you missed the conference or any of the sessions, check out the Big Boulder category on the blog to read all of the updates.