Worried About Twitter's Move to OAuth?

Have you scheduled your engineering work to move to OAuth for Twitter’s interfaces? If you’re a Gnip user, you don’t have to! Gnip users don’t have to know anything about OAuth’s implementation in order to keep their data flowing, and for all of them, that’s a huge relief. OAuth is non-trivial to setup and support, and is an API¬†authentication/authorization mechanism that most data consumers shouldn’t have to worry about. That’s where Gnip steps in! One of our value-adds is that many API integrations shifts, like this one, are hidden from our customers. You can merrily consume data without having to sink expensive resources into adapting to the constantly shifting sands of data provider APIs.

If you’re consuming data via Gnip, when Twitter makes the switch to affected APIs, all you’ll need to do is provide Gnip with your OAuth tokens (the new “username” and “password”; just more secure and controllable), and off you go! You don’t have to worry about query param ordering, hashing, signing, and associated handshakes.