Working at Gnip Benefits

Just had a fun moment. In an internal email thread from Elaine (on our marketing team) about rallying employees to take a survey about how they feel about working at Gnip, Seth flung this list of benefits into the mix. I hadn’t sat down to think about “the list” in awhile. It was fun to see someone else build and communicate it. Of course it’s partial (e.g. it doesn’t mention how great it is to be a part of such a significant piece in the public social media ecosystem), but…

The list copied from the email…

Or our daily breakfasts.
Or our lunch meat in the fridge.
Or our kegerator.
Or our fridge stocked full of drinks.
Or our office manager.
Or our cabinet full of snacks.
Or our Boulder Valley Rec Center membership.
Or our 401(k).
Or our insurance.
Or our ski passes.
Or our ‘no vacation days, take what you need policy.
Or management’s open door policy.