Webinar Recap: Social Resonance Analysis with mBLAST

Yesterday, we hosted a webinar with our Plugged In to Gnip partner mBLAST. The focus of the webinar was on how resonance tracking and analysis can be used to not only identify the people who create relevant content, but just as important, the people responsible for disseminating that content across the web.

  • Often the people responsible for spreading your story aren’t the people you would expect or consider to be traditional influencers.
  • Identifying the people who are the most resonant on a certain topic is crucial information for customer service and brand management to close the satisfaction loop.
  • Brands need to do more than just listen. Adding resonance gives a clearer picture of the conversations that are important. Analytics must be incorporated into a company’s social media strategy to identify the influential people, where they are, how they communicate and most importantly, the topics in which they are highly engaged. It is not just about the number of followers they have or popularity statistics.
  • Consumers are no longer going to waste time on the phone to tell customer service how terrible an experience was. They are going straight to the social platforms to wreak havoc. Brands need to be aware of the social resonance of an issue, whether it’s negative or positive, before reaching out to customers.

All and all, I was impressed to learn how resonance tracking helps put together a strategic and organized understanding of how the conversation moves from platform to platform, and how crucial it is to dig deep into the mechanics of a story’s virality. It’s a whole new ballgame for brands, PR firms, and customer service teams.