We Believe

We believe social data has unlimited value and near limitless application. We begin almost every conversation with potential customers and partners with this simple statement because it best exemplifies why we exist as a company. More importantly, this refrain helps keep us focused on our ultimate goal: to be the source of record for all public social conversation.

While the majority of the world thinks about the amazing problems that can be solved with social data and the cool stuff that can be built upon this data, Gnip’s focus is on fueling innovation by providing the most reliable and fully scalable social data set in the world. We spend our time focusing on providing full coverage of the public social conversations that matter for our customers with the highest level of data integrity possible. The service we provide isn’t sexy, but it is mission critical if the application builders of the world are going to fulfill their promise.

Part of this promise is already being realized. Disaster response organizations are turning to social data to save lives in time of need. Health researchers are using social data to better predict and track disease outbreaks. Consumer product companies are engaging with potential and existing customers to ensure the right products are being built at the right times for the right audience.

These examples are just the beginning. A recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute values the potential impact of social technologies at more that $1 trillion per year in the United States alone. The chart below shows that this value will be captured not just by technology companies, but by industries across the entire economy.

McKinsey Social Value Matrix

We believe social data will one day weave into the backbone of every enterprise business application. These future applications will depend upon full coverage of social data that is delivered in a consistent, accurate, scalable, fully supported, and ultra low latency manner. We are currently delivering over 100 billion social data activities per month. At that scale, the challenges are enormous. What happens when we go to a trillion per month? One thing is for sure, to continue to excel at this level we will have to remain focused.

We believe social data has unlimited value and near limitless application. We can’t wait to see what you build with this data next!