A Moment in History: Access the Full Archive of Public Tweets

We are proud to announce that, for the first time, access to the entire historical archive of public Tweets, dating back to @Jack’s very first Tweet more than 7 years ago, is now available via our new product, Historical PowerTrack for Twitter. This product has been years in the making, and we can’t wait to see what the world will build with this data.


We believe that social data has unlimited value and near limitless application. The nature (fast & viral) and newness of social conversations has naturally directed focus to realtime applications. However, as the world becomes more reliant on realtime social data and the amount of social data created grows exponentially, the need to put this information into historical context has become increasingly important. Often, companies are considering the realtime reaction in social data and asking “is this good or bad?” This is one of the main questions historical data can answer. For example, if an auto manufacturer launches a new model and 25% of the social conversation is determined to be negative, is that healthy?  Knowing that the last model launched to record sales & had 40% negativity helps put the new realtime data into context.

Historical data can also be highly informative to predictions about the future. Researchers have suggested to us that they can predict the outcome of a revolution by studying past revolutions online such as the “Arab Spring”.  Likewise, we’re seeing hedge funds make a real commitment to incorporating social data into their trading algorithms. It is critical for these funds to be able to refine their predictive trading models by studying vast quantities of historical data.

Until now, all this promise of social data has had a foundational limitation: very little reliable and complete historical data has been available. And as we know, historical analysis is only as good as the quality of the underlying data. You can’t provide complete context if you only have part of the data.  That’s why we are so excited to be the first company to offer complete coverage of all public Tweets from the beginning of time.

We’re able to deliver the full historical corpus via our long-standing partnership with Twitter. We helped Twitter deliver the full archive of Tweets to the Library of Congress. That was a massive effort that took a long time. The rest of the social data ecosystem can benefit from that effort starting today.

This level of access has never been available and we know it is really going to accelerate the rate of innovation going forward. We think there are new products and businesses that will now be possible with access to a “social layer” of historical data. We frequently ask ourselves “If you could know what the world was saying at any moment in time about any topic, what could you build?”

We’ve already been working with companies like Esri, Union Metrics, Brandwatch, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, and Texifter during our early access period and it’s been incredible to see how fast they are innovating with this new data.

Gnip aspires to be the source of record for all public conversation. That’s a lofty goal. We’re taking a major step forward with today’s announcement.

Want to learn more about Historical PowerTrack for Twitter?  Email info@gnip.com.