Gets a Cookie, a Big Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Made with Love

John McCrea, David Recordon and Joseph Smarr have knocked it out of the park with a brand new weekly video podcast where they discuss the complex world of data distribution.  Since they say it better than I ever could, I’ll quote them directly:

With a revolving cast of characters, we’ll have some of the key technologists working on building the Social Web to explain what is going on; but this isn’t a show about technology. It’s about explaining what’s going on in the fight to make sure you have control of your data, your content, and your privacy — and the freedom to access your stuff from all over the Web.

In this first episode, they spend some time discussing Gnip, how it helps developers and how it will hopefully accelerate the move to true data portability standards.  Plus, they break out a copy of Gnip Gnop.  I mean, how cool is that!