Simply Measured Introduces Tumblr to Its Offerings

It is always fun to see your customers innovate, which is why it’s so great to see Simply Measured add Tumblr to its many social media sources. Seeing Tumblr data alongside all of the other social media sources Simply Measured offers paints an incredible picture of the social media landscape for brands. Users can now measure Tumblr as well as other channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, LinkedIn and Google+ to show the relationship between content marketing, traffic and audience interactions.

Simply Measured’s Tumblr analytics feature reporting allows you to understand the long-tail of content to being able to compare yourself to competitors. The four reports include:

●      Tumblr Blog Report: Analyze the engagement of your posts, understand the amplification and longevity of reblogs, track your follower growth and engagement, and identify your brand’s influencers.

●      Tumblr Blog Report with Google Analytics: Measure all aspects available in the Tumblr Blog report, and include data around traffic sources and user behavior.

●      Tumblr Competitive Analysis: Benchmark your brand against any 10 Tumblr blogs. See how you compare in terms of posts, reblogs, amplification and even engagement outside of Tumblr.

●      Complete Social Media Snapshot: Measure your efforts on Tumblr in-context with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, LinkedIn and Google+. Compare audience size and growth, and post engagement across all major networks.

Simply Measured, a longtime Gnip customer, is also now a certified partner of Tumblr. Congratulations to the team at Simply Measured on your continued success!

Sample Simply Measured Tumblr Analytics Report

Tumblr Analytics: It’s a Whole New World

Union Metrics has been with Gnip since the early days, using our social data in their flagship product, TweetReach. Earlier this year, when we announced the availability of social data from Tumblr, we were excited that Union Metrics moved quickly to start building a new product based on that data. Last week, Union Metrics launched Union Metrics for Tumblr and was named Tumblr’s preferred analytics provider.

We’re big believers in Tumblr and the value of the conversations taking place there. As we’ve talked about in the social cocktail, Tumblr content has unique properties. Our data science shows that Tumblr content is inherently viral – able to amplify conversations about any topic – and even more than that, the content on Tumblr has incredible staying power.

And we’re not the only believers in Tumblr. Brands like Adidas and Coca-Cola have been actively engaging and advertising on Tumblr since the launch of Tumblr’s advertising platform earlier this year.

Congrats to the team at Union Metrics! This is exciting news and we’re only at the beginning.

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