Gnip Announces Partnership With RSN

RSN Gnip Sign Partnership

Today I am proud to announce that Gnip has  partnered with RSN, a leading provider of social data and analysis in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), to help us serve a fascinating and fast-growing market.

Gnip has long been a believer in letting the experts do what they do best. We focus on delivering highly reliable, scalable, and complete data sources. Our partners and customers are the world’s best analytic software and platform providers. We work together because doing so leverages both of our core capabilities to create a stronger solution for the end client.

That belief is a key reason we select the international partners we do, as we did previously with Hottolink, an industry leader in Japan, and as we do now with RSN.

South Korea is an incredibly vibrant market – with one of the world’s highest Internet penetration rates in the world (over 80% as of 2013). It also has one of the fastest growing mobile penetration rates in the world. A result of that internet penetration and mobile sophistication is incredible growth in the use of social platforms to communicate.

eMarketer estimates that, among 38.4 million internet users in South Korea at the end of 2013, 26.6 million used a social networking site at least once per month. Overall social networking usage grew in South Korea by 7.4% in 2013, including a 9.3% rise in the number of people using Facebook at least monthly. In addition, South Korea has one of the largest blogging communities in the world, and there are over 7.5M Twitter account holders in South Korea, with over 1M of those Tweeting at least once a month.

With this many consumers using social media, businesses must find ways to identify, communicate and learn from the public social data that South Korean consumers generate. But the market is still young, and still requires thought leaders to help companies use this data.

For this reason, Gnip has partnered with RSN, a leading Asian social data and social analysis company. They are a well-known and highly respected name in South Korea. RSN shares many values with Gnip, including a core commitment to customer service and support, and a deep understanding of the impact that social data can have in many different industries. While RSN has an excellent social analytics product, they are unique in that they also possess excellent data delivery and API experience – a necessity for our partnership.

RSN will represent Gnip in sales and customer support in South Korea, and we are grateful for their experience in supporting our growth and entry into the market.

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RSN and Gnip Sign Partnership