mBLAST Helps Brands Grasp the Trajectory of a Social Conversation

Officially announcing that mBlast is now a Plugged In to Gnip partner (which we’ve just done in this sentence) is especially exciting because of a particular kind of analysis they specialize in – called resonance tracking – that they’ll be able to do on this announcement!

As a leader in the social media analytics space that is helping companies understand the trajectory of social conversations, it makes sense to include mBLAST among Gnip’s growing group of partners. Companies who are Plugged In are driving innovation in the social media ecosystem through their products and emphasis on incorporating multiple social media sources into their analysis. One of the ways mBLAST is defining social media analytics is through their development of resonance tracking, a variation on influencer tracking with some distinctly different capabilities. Effective resonance tracking necessitates the monitoring of multiple different platforms, which piqued our interest on the topic.

Wouldn’t we all like to stop a rumor in it’s tracks — or at least have a good idea of who started it? Knowing how a story perpetuates across the social sphere and who is responsible for influencing those moves is a valuable tool for companies and brands. If you can pinpoint which of your fans, or critics for that matter, is talking about you the loudest, with the most influence, and in which channels, you can directly address the message.

mBLAST has measured resonance within the analytics applied to social, blog and media data tracked in their mPACT platform for literally millions of stories. All of this tracking and measurement has lead to some pretty interesting observations which mBLAST will be releasing in a whitepaper in September titled, “Social Intelligence: The Role of Resonance”. The more we learned about resonance tracking and the many ways it can be applied to everyday customer service, marketing, and public relations scenario, the more we couldn’t wait to spread the word on just how relevant a tool it is. So we put together a short summary of their resonance tracking whitepaper to give you a sneak peek — focusing on how resonance differs from more traditional influencer tracking and why it is a key part of social media analytics.

mBlast Resonance

So, how does resonance differ from traditional influencer tracking? A couple of ways, but probably the most significant is that it allows companies to identify which individuals are the most influential in a specific channel for a specific story and how that story is jumping from platform to platform. For example, a story about a CPG brand starts on a blog post and then hops from the blog post to Twitter and then to Facebook, etc. Perhaps the conversation is false or the product contents are reflected inaccurately. Whatever the case may be, the CPG company likely wants to engage with the people, and in the channels, where it will do the most to shape the conversation and protect the company’s reputation. Both can be done using resonance tracking.

We’re psyched to have mBLAST in Plugged In and look forward to working together. And we’ll be excited to track the resonance on this announcement!

If resonance tracking gets you excited or you want to know more, check out this webinar on the topic on September 12.