Putting the Data in Data Discovery – Qliktech & Gnip Partner Up

Gnip is excited to announce that Qliktech is the newest member of our Plugged In partner program. While we partner with many different types of companies – ranging from innovative social analytics products to well-known big data services and software providers – Qliktech is a unique and exciting addition to our program.
Qliktech is discovery software that combines key features of data analysis with intuitive decision-making features, including (to name a few):

  • The ability to consolidate data from multiple sources
  • An easy search function across all datasets and visualizations
  • State-of-the-art graphics for visualization and data discovery
  • Support for social decision-making through secure, real-time collaboration
  • Mobile device data capture and analysis

Our partnership means that joint Qliktech and Gnip clients can easily marry social data with internal datasets to create nuanced visualizations that surface performance indicators and real-time changes that can impact the decisions those clients are making.

To put the powerful capabilities of this new partnership to good use, Gnip will be co-sponsoring a partner hackathon on April 6th at Qonnections– the Qliktech Partner Summit.

Along with HP Vertica and Qliktech, we’ll enable partners to hack on behalf of Medair, Swiss based humanitarian organization that provides support for health, nutrition, water and sanitation, hygiene, and shelter initiatives to countries experiencing natural disasters or emergencies.

A series of recent academic papers have highlighted the usefulness that social media plays in obtaining real-time information following sudden natural disasters. This hackathon will follow in those steps, using Twitter data from during Typhoon Haiyan, which landed in the Philippines on Nov 8th, 2013. Using Gnip’s Profile Geo enhancement, we’ll provide data from the Philippines during that period, allowing other Qliktech partners to experiment with how Medair could leverage this data, within Qliktech, in future situations that require real-time analysis and response.

It will be a great time, but more importantly, will harness the power of the Gnip and Qliktech relationship to accomplish something everyone can be proud of. And that’s a pretty good start to a new partnership!

As Always, Context is Key

Let’s say a company gets thousands of Facebook comments, Tweets, Comments and Posts per day and wants a way to translate the feedback contained in this data to useful insights. Company X needs two things: a way to get access to social data and a tool to analyze it. Enter Gnip and Semantria. We provide social data, and Semantria structures this content using text analytics and sentiment analysis. Today, we’re excited to announce that Semantria is joining the Plugged In partner program. Our joint customers can leverage Semantria’s cloud-based text and sentiment tool to dive deeper into the social data they’re getting from Gnip.

Words in every language have multiple definitions and various interpretations that depend on the context in which the word is used. When analyzing text for tone and meaning, having a tool that understands context is of paramount importance.  For example, if you are tracking mentions of Microsoft Windows online, how will the machine be able to tell the difference between Microsoft Windows and dirty windows?

Digging deeper, let’s look at the word Excel. Are people talking about the Canadian chewing gum brand, the verb “to excel” (to surpass), or the database software by Microsoft?  If the word “excel” is close to the word “chewing” in a sentence, Semantria’s tool knows that this sentence is about the chewing gum–as people don’t tend to chew on Microsoft Excel or excel at their chewing skills.

When determining the overall perception of a product, whether people loved it, hated it, or had no opinion at all, analysis that reflects accurate context is key.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 2.07.44 PM.png

Semantria for Excel: With the integration with Semantria’s Excel add-in, it makes it easy for the non-technical user to quickly gauge the sentiment of everything from internal survey feedback information to a hashtag campaign.



TrendyBuzz Helps an Aerospace Leader Use Social Data

Safran is a Paris-headquartered international high-technology leader in the aerospace, defense and security industries—building everything from commercial jet engines to the security systems that detect explosives in luggage. Given that they operate in more than 50 countries with thousands of employees, monitoring the social conversations in their core operating areas can be challenging – but extremely valuable.

We wanted to learn more about how Safran leverages realtime social data through our customer (and new Plugged In partner!), the TrendyBuzz Institut. TrendyBuzz is a French all-media monitoring and analytics platform that works with Gnip to provide access to both the full firehose of realtime and historical Twitter data through our PowerTrack solution. They help customers aggregate and identify relevant content, informing and improving the impact of future social media initiatives. In addition to helping customers monitor realtime data, TrendyBuzz can access historical Twitter data through Gnip for several scenarios, one of which they recently shared with us.

No company can predict every hashtag, mention, or user who will relate to their brand. As good as the TrendyBuzz platform is at surfacing items in realtime, it’s impossible for companies to know every content piece or term they should track, especially given the speed at which users on networks like Twitter create new viral items. Sometimes  a competitor makes an unanticipated announcement or there’s a breaking news story related to your industry, and you miss several hours or days of data. With access to historical data, companies don’t have to worry about missing important mentions or conversations that might impact their brand or industry.

We’re psyched the Plugged In program continues to expand in both number and geography with the addition of Paris-based,TrendyBuzz Institut!

Download the whitepaper on how TrendyBuzz helped Safran! 

TrendyBuzz Institute Dashboard

Good Combos in History: Infomart Joins Plugged In to Gnip

Today is Halloween and if Infomart and Gnip were hitting the town to trick-or-treat we might be dressed as:


You get the idea. What I’m saying is, we’re excited to announce that Infomart is officially joining our Plugged In partner program!

Canada-based Infomart, a division of Postmedia Network Inc., provides a comprehensive integrated media monitoring platform. In addition to their monitoring platform, Infomart has brand and insights teams focused on helping customers track and understand which stories drive traffic and audience engagement, and develop measurable media and brand management strategies.

Earlier this summer we worked on a webinar with Infomart and existing Plugged In partner, Infochimps. In that webinar, Jennifer Stein, the GM of Platform & Experience at Infomart, discussed the challenges of taking on big data application development and how Infomart worked with Infochimps to tackle a legacy platform update. Infomart has a strong background in traditional media monitoring, but customers were demanding social data which wasn’t supported by their old infrastructure. Working with Infochimps allowed them to get up and running quickly, so they could focus on platform development and content integration. Now, Infomart integrates content from both social and traditional media sources, and lets users manage any piece of content with the same tools, on a single platform.

Infomart worked with Gnip to add the full firehose of realtime Twitter data, as well as Facebook and Youtube, directly into the platform to provide access to brand conversations. With this access, customers can now analyze the tone and influence of mentions, assess campaign performance, and evaluate realtime brand chatter.

We continue to be impressed by the way Infomart updates and expands its platform to make monitoring, measuring, and gleaning insight from social data easier for their customers!


Expion Joins Plugged In to Gnip and Adds Tumblr & GetGlue as Data Sources

This week I’m on a panel at Expion’s third annual “Mission Possible” Conference in Raleigh, which makes it even more fun to announce that Expion is now a Plugged In to Gnip partner and will be adding Tumblr, Disqus and GetGlue to their social data sources. It is especially significant to be making this announcement among all of Expion’s incredible customers because, ultimately, this partnership is all about providing them with the best social data out there.

Expion’s leadership position in the social media marketing and engagement industry makes them an ideal Plugged In partner as they’re committed to providing complete, reliable and sustainable social data into their analytics products. The world’s largest brands and agencies use Expion to effectively monitor and engage with their customers in real time across multiple geographic locations and myriad digital channels. The marketplace is changing rapidly and we are seeing industry leaders like Expion marshall together the best mix of social data sources to serve their customers. By adding sources such as GetGlue, Tumblr and Disqus, Expion is creating a competitive advantage for their customers–giving them a much more complete picture for their brand.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Expion for the past year and have been particularly impressed by their commitment to innovation. The social media landscape is constantly evolving and they have always been eager to dive in to the latest products and data sources such as Tumblr and GetGlue to ensure that their products, and their customers stay ahead of the curve.

Stay tuned for a case study demonstrating what Expion’s customers are doing with access to these data sources!

Gnip at Expion Conference


Adobe Adds Foursquare to Adobe Social

One of the most exciting aspects of launching new social media publishers is seeing how that social data is used. Earlier this summer we announced that full coverage of Foursquare check-in data was available exclusively from Gnip. Today, Plugged In to Gnip partner Adobe announced that they’re first-to-market with a commercial Foursquare analytics platform.

While Foursquare has always provided tools for businesses to manage their own presence, the introduction of Foursquare data to Adobe Social creates entirely new opportunities. Large retailers will be able to understand check-in trends over time and compare their performance against the competition. Concert promoters will be able to analyze the impact of specific marketing campaigns. Sports teams will be able to see which games are popular with an engaged social media audience.

We’re thrilled that this data is now available to the broad range of customers who use Adobe Social and can’t wait to see how they use it to derive new insights to drive their businesses.

Kudos to Adobe for moving so quickly to adopt Foursquare into their platform!


Union Metrics for Tumblr Gets Even Smarter

Last year, Union Metrics for Tumblr was launched as the first Tumblr analytics product based on the full firehose of Tumblr data. Union Metrics, an A-List Tumblr partner, already counts Funny Or Die, Puma, Yale University, House of Radon, Digg, We Are Social, Rhode Island School of Design, and Hyatt among its clients.

Since that time period, Tumblr has continued to grow with more than 118 million blogs and 54 billion posts. Each day users create more than 75 million new posts. As Tumblr has grown, Union Metrics for Tumblr has grown alongside Tumblr, and today is announcing both awesome new analytics features and new pricing options.

We’re proud to call Union Metrics a Plugged In To Gnip partner, and we’re always excited to share the awesome products our customers are creating. What’s even better than us telling you about how cool some of these new features are? Hearing it straight from the source. We recently did an interview with Union Metrics founders, Jenn Deering Davis and Hayes Davis, about Union Metrics for Tumblr and what access to the full firehose of Tumblr social data means for bloggers, brands and marketers. What did they have to say? See for yourself!

Shiny New Features

Starting today, subscribers to Union Metrics for Tumblr can now track followers of their blogs in the Union Metrics interface, a highly sought after feature.The product now also provides integration with Google Analytics, giving users access to their blog’s traffic metrics alongside engagement performance of their content. These new features complement the existing detailed interaction and influencer analytics that Union Metrics for Tumblr already featured, coupled with competitor blog and keyword tracking. One of Gnip’s favorite features is the visualization tree of how content spreads on Tumblr, which is one of the most viral mediums on the planet.

Union Metrics Reblog Tree

Tumblr Analytics for the People

Union Metrics has also rounded out its subscription plan levels to meet the needs of professional bloggers and small business Tumblr users by adding a new lower ­cost tier, giving users the ability to monitor up to five of their Tumblr blogs for $25 per month.

Now that your interest is piqued, read more about the product updates and new features.

Gnip + Infomart + Infochimps: Real Returns in Real Time

If you missed last week’s webinar about how Plugged In partner Infochimps is helping companies easily develop social data analysis apps to solve key business challenges in real time, we’ve got a short recap for you!

Evaluating: In-house or Outsourcing Solutions

Infomart, an industry leader in traditional media monitoring, was struggling with its legacy technology when it came to social media monitoring. The company, which has been around as a media monitoring company since 1986, had what it refers to as “Frankenstein” technology where they were adding on hodgepodge solutions to meet current needs. Users of their system had to employ multiple tools for traditional news and social media monitoring.

Getting to the Right Product

They came to a point where they had to decide if they wanted to do social media monitoring in-house or not. Ultimately they moved towards moving it out of house and found the the perfect solution by using the Infochimps cloud paired with Gnip data, which allowed them to ramp up quickly on the front end and focus on their other strengths and consulting.

During the process, Infomart also realized that their customers had to always do custom analysis to get the data they needed, which led them to their current solution. Their current solution focuses on three aspects: portfolios, integration and collaboration. Portfolios gives customers a collection point for information, tools and work about a subject, project, crisis, department, client, issue or campaign. Tools to work with data. Integration is about the ability to work on any content piece with the same tools, regardless of source/type of content. Infomart is rare in that it has the ability to integrate with both traditional types of media, as well as social media from Gnip including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and forums. Infomart also allows for collaboration within its platform so you can email content or assign tasks right away.

As Informart says, “Data is the shining star of the platform.”

Behind the Product

Ultimately, what made Infomart’s new solution so flawless was the ability to build on top of Infochimps solution. Infochimps is a suite of enterprise class cloud services that makes it simple and quick to deploy big data applications. Infochimps makes big data, which is traditionally slow and cumbersome, much easier and less complex. Another advantage of Infochimps is its ability to do real-time analytics, ad hoc analytics and batch analytics.

To learn more how all three organizations create returns in real time, you can see the rest of the webinar here.

Power Up Those Analytics: Alteryx Gets Plugged In

Earlier this morning, George Mathew – President & COO of Alteryx – announced during his speech at the Inspire 2013 conference that Alteryx is now a Plugged In To Gnip partner.

The journey of this partnership is one that we’ve enjoyed, and it has been a natural fit from the beginning. Alteryx is a desktop-to-cloud analytics solution widely recognized for both ease of use (even across a wide range of user skills) – as well as powerful capabilities that can handle complex problems. With those characteristics, an integration with social media data just made sense!

To top it off, Alteryx has an office and a vocal presence here in Boulder, so we’ve gotten to know many of the members of their team, and have been consistently impressed with their enthusiasm for big, social data and – most importantly – the creative and valuable insights that the right analytics tool can derive from that data.

The release of Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.5 is a great example of what this partnership means for enterprises that need to incorporate social analysis quickly and simply. Within 8.5, users benefit from a pre-built integration with Gnip. As an Alteryx user, you enter your Gnip credentials within the Alteryx tool to access your Twitter stream. You can then plug that social analysis tool into the multi-step algorithm or joined data analytics you are creating. This type of integration enables business users from across an entire enterprise to leverage social data in their everyday decision making by simply adding this tool to their analytic workflow.

We’re very excited to have Alteryx in our Plugged In program, and look forward to working together.

Adobe “Plugs In” to the Gnip Partner Program

Gnip is proud to announce that Adobe has joined our Plugged In To Gnip partner program today.

While Adobe is known for leadership in many areas of multimedia and creativity software, the Gnip partnership is in support of their social marketing management platform. As you may have seen in their recent and hilarious commercial, Adobe Social aims to “Measure ROI on social media. Definitely.” And they have made a distinct investment in building a scalable social marketing solution that can do so. That investment depends on reliable social data and requires trust and partnership in working with their social data provider.

As a Certified Twitter Product, Adobe meets Twitter’s high criteria for Twitter certification.

As a Plugged In To Gnip partner, Adobe is recognized for meeting our high standard of reliable, compliant and sustainable access to all social media that fuels their product. Not only does Gnip provide Adobe’s mission-critical Twitter data, we also support their customers’ need for other social sources including Disqus, Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook, YouTube and Reddit.

We are incredibly proud that Adobe entrusts to Gnip the task of delivering, normalizing and supporting the data that fuels Adobe Social and we’re excited at the continuing closeness this partnership brings. If you’re at Adobe Summit 2013 this Thursday, you can see our own Chris Moody speaking with Adobe and Kelley Blue Book about the importance of the right social data.

You can also learn more in the press announcement or at http://gnip.com/plugged_in/adobe/.