Cracking the Code to Discovering Insights in Consumer Conversations:

How Networked Insights helps brands make data-driven marketing decisions

While short-form content is good for predicting trends, long-form content carries distinctive elements that enable deeper, threaded analysis of ongoing conversations and commentary. This analysis can help marketers better understand pre- and post-sale behavior, identifying what moves consumers through the purchase funnel. No surprise that smart analytics companies are focusing on learning more about these long-form sources to complement short-form content sources, such as Twitter.

To fully serve the needs of their customers, Plugged In partner Networked Insights wanted to provide a comprehensive view of consumer conversations—which required tracking across different social media platforms, including more long-form content sources. To do this, it was important to Networked Insights to have complete access to the firehose of WordPress and IntenseDebate data from Gnip. Through their next-generation analytics platform SocialSense, Networked Insights helps brand marketers and CMOs better understand their consumers by providing insights from the social sphere—by focusing on three distinctive areas of insights: Audience, Content, and Media. These insights help the company’s clients gain a clearer picture of consumer behavior and affinities, uncover new audiences, optimize advertising spend, and inform a wide range of marketing decisions.

Audience Insight: Networked Insights collects and analyzes millions of data points a day from a myriad of sources. They understand that social data isn’t just about Twitter and Facebook, so they incorporate as much long-form content as possible from various blogs and forums. In fact, more than 20% of the long-form content Networked Insights consumes comes from WordPress— a source available through Gnip’s exclusive partnership with WordPress.

The chart below explores the classic data-mining marketing illustration of Dads shopping for beer and diapers, giving an example of how audience insights play into marketing decisions. Networked Insights looked at mentions of both diapers and beer during a nine-month period. The greatest correlation between the two topics occurred as Dads prepared for the Super Bowl. What can marketers and advertisers take away from this? It’s a great opportunity for diaper consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands to access the typically expensive to reach sports fan audience.

Beer vs Diapers on WordPress

Content Insight: Building from the audience insights they uncover, Networked Insights works with marketers to provide a 360-degree view of their brand, competitors, or ecosystem’s consumers. They accomplish this through identifying the key affinities (favorite celebrities, musicians, TV shows, etc.) within a brand’s key target audiences. This gives a huge advantage to marketers because millions of dollars are spent every year guessing on content that would resonate with their target consumers.

So how does long-form content lend a different kind of insight? One difference is the length of user engagement. The engagement that WordPress users create is more sustained than what Twitter users create, even though WordPress volume pales in comparison to Twitter volume. Here’s one way to see the difference using social mentions related to TV shows as an example. After an episode airs, the number of conversations on WordPress doesn’t decrease as quickly as it does on Twitter, as you can see in the two charts below. Since conversations are shared on WordPress longer, this results in an increased capacity for marketers to get deep, actionable insights.

Reality Programming: Twitter vs WordPress

Comedy Programming: Twitter vs WordPress

Media Insight: By leveraging audience insights with content affinities of the target consumers, marketers can now more effectively buy media and organically reach new consumers. A great example of this is work Networked Insights did with a consumer tech company to amplify the reach of their digital ads.  Through access to real-time blog data from WordPress, Networked Insights distinguished early tech trends and themes that would ultimately trickle down to the general consumer conversation. They did this by identifying a group of tech influencers—a specific blogging community that relies upon platforms including WordPress—and analyzed how these influencers engaged with tech-related products. Leveraging what they knew about the audience and their consumer behaviors and interests, Networked Insights was able to provide new insights into what content to promote and whom to target on digital, and as a result increased the effectiveness of the company’s cost per impression by over 30%.