Links & The Twitter Firehose

One of the more interesting components of Twitter streams are the links within the Tweets themselves. Not only are links one way to bridge from traditional web trend analysis, to social media, but they are also a window into what people are sharing.

Gnip provides three mechanisms to get at links in Tweets.

  • Link Stream. The link stream provides you with 100% of the Tweets that contain links. Furthermore, Gnip enriches the stream with unwound URLs, so you don’t have to bother with an unwind-farm on your end.
  • Power Track’s ‘has:links’ operator. Through Power Track, you can refine your complex queries (including substring matching) to collect only Tweets that contain links.
  • Power Track’s ‘url_contains:’ operator. The ‘url_contains:’ operator allows you to filter the 100% Firehose for Tweets that have links and contain the substring you provide. It filters against both short, and long, URLs.

Happy filtering!

New Premium Feed: Twitter Link Stream

Last month we announced a partnership with Twitter and three commercial Twitter feeds. Today we’re excited to announce a new premium Twitter feed: the Twitter Link Stream is a feed of all Tweets that contain any URL.

Marketers are always asking for better ways to track the influence of their campaigns. Businesses always want to know more about how their users are discovering and reacting to their brands. The Link Stream represents a tremendous opportunity for business that want to track the viral nature of many different webpages at once and for businesses hoping to understand how the social web influences its participants’ actions.

Like our other commercial Twitter data feeds, the Link Stream is available today for licensing by companies that don’t display Tweets to the general public (though displaying a few Tweets to your paying customers is generally fine). Contact us at for more information.