Klout Scores & Topics Together in a New Twitter Enrichment from Gnip


Today we’re announcing a new stage in our partnership with Klout. Gnip is now the exclusive provider of Klout Topics to the social data ecosystem. Along with this new data, we’re also able to provide Klout data under enterprise licensing terms specifically designed to support our customers’ needs and use cases. Together, Klout Scores, Klout Topics and enterprise licensing terms create a more powerful online influence product that is uniquely suited for social media monitoring, engagement and analytics use cases.

With this announcement, we’d also like to welcome Klout to the Plugged In to Gnip partner program. For Klout, this shows they’re committed to building their solutions on sustainable, complete and reliable social data and are joining fellow industry leaders in this pursuit.The Klout Score established Klout as “the standard in online influence,” and our Klout Score Enrichment is one of Gnip’s most popular data products – more than half our customers get Klout Scores delivered alongside Twitter data. The addition of Klout Topics will help our customers understand and evaluate online influence through a different lens. Where Scores tell you how much potential a user has to drive engagement online, Topics tell you what a user’s influence is about so you can better connect with and target the right users.

For example, consider a sports brand that sells golf equipment. The brand wants to identify users who tweet about their products and try to turn them into devoted fans. In a stream of thousands of Tweets, they want to identify the influencers talking about their brand so they can focus their engagement on these people – and they want to do this with smart software, not by hand. Klout Scores can help them identify the difference between my good friend Justin (not likely to drive much engagement) and Justin Bieber, whose Tweets regularly get retweeted 50,000-100,000 times. But while Justin Bieber may be a major influencer, his online influence doesn’t have much to do with golf, or really with sports in general. Using Klout Topics, the brand’s software can now quickly hone in on influencers with a Klout Score above a certain level and who are influential in relevant Topics like “Golf,” “PGA Tour,” “Masters Golf Tournament,” “Nike Golf,” “Sergio Garcia,” etc.  These users probably won’t have millions of teenage girls ready to engage with them, but their audiences may be more likely to make buying decisions that affect the brand.

There are more than 7,000 Klout Topics covering a huge range of topics from broadly relevant categories like “Social Media” or “Software Development,” to highly specific entities like the names of brands, products, movies, TV shows, or celebrities. Approximately two-thirds of users with Klout Scores are categorized with at least one Topic.

Where Klout Topics represent the heart of the new data we’re providing, we’ve also addressed some important licensing limitations to meet our customers’ need for sustainable Klout data suitable for commercial use. Gnip can now serve Klout Scores & Topics together under an enterprise license that goes beyond Klout’s basic Developer Terms of Service, including the important ability for our customers to save and use data for longer than seven days.

Online influence data provides critical insight for engagement and CRM use cases. We’re looking forward to what this new Klout data combo will do for these applications, as well as others in the world of social media analytics.

To learn more, check out Gnip.com/Enrichments.