We’ve Got Scooters, Yes We Do! We’ve Got Scooters, How About You?

The competition for talent in Boulder is heating up. Yes folks, Gnip is hiring. We are seeking a Marketing Director to lead Gnip’s marketing operations and activities, working closely with our sales team and COO to drive brand and industry recognition as well as product adoption.

As if the fantastic start-up environment, great team, downtown Boulder location, breakfast at work daily (be sure to follow us @breakfastatgnip), tabs at nearby coffee shops, Eldora ski passes, and Boulder recreation center passes weren’t enough, we are now offering a Honda Metropolitan Scooter as a signing bonus for the Marketing Director position! What more could you ask for?

So if you think you have what it takes to be part of our awesome team, we would love to hear from you! Also, be sure to check out our other open positions including; Sales Engineer, Sales Executive, Senior Software Engineer, Social Media Data AnalystSoftware Engineer, and two Customer Support Engineers.


Letter From The New Guy

Not too long ago Gnip celebrated its third birthday.  I am celebrating my one week anniversary with the company today.  To say a lot happened before my time at Gnip would be the ultimate understatement, and yet it is easy for me to see the results produced from those three years of effort.  Some of those results include:

The Product

Gnip’s social media API offering is the clear leader in the industry.  Gnip is delivering over a half a billion social media activities daily from dozens of sources.  That certainly sounds impressive, but how can I be so confident Gnip is the leader?  Because the most important social media monitoring companies rely on our services to deliver results to their customers every single day. For example, Gnip currently works with 8 of the top 9 enterprise social media monitoring companies, and the rate we are adding enterprise focused companies is accelerating.

The Partners

Another obvious result is the strong partnerships that have been cultivated.  Some of our partnerships such as Twitter and Klout were well publicized when the agreements were put in place.  However, having strong strategic partners takes a lot more than just a signed agreement.  It takes a lot of dedication, investment, and hard work by both parties in order to deliver on the full promise of the agreement.  It is obvious to me that Gnip has amazing partnerships that run deep and are built upon a foundation of mutual trust and respect.

The People

The talent level at Gnip is mind blowing, but it isn’t the skills of the people that have stood out the most for me so far.  It is the dedication of each individual to doing the right thing for our customers and our partners that has made the biggest impression.  When it comes to gathering and delivering social media data, there are a lot of shortcuts that can be taken in order to save time, money, and effort.  Unfortunately, these shortcuts can often come at the expense of publishers, customers, or both.  The team at Gnip has no interest in shortcuts and that comes across in every individual discussion and in every meeting.  If I were going to describe this value in one word, the word would be “integrity”.

In my new role as President & COO, I’m responsible for helping the company grow quickly and smoothly while maintaining the great values that have been established from the company’s inception.  The growth has already started and I couldn’t be more pleased with the talent of the people who have recently joined the organization including: Bill Adkins, Seth McGuire, Charles Ince, and Brad Bokal who have all joined Gnip within the last week.  And, we are hiring more! In fact, it is worth highlighting one particular open position for a Customer Support Engineer.  I’m hard pressed to think of a higher impact role at our company because we consider supporting our customers to be such an important priority.  If you have 2+ years of coding experience including working with RESTful Web APIs and you love delivering over-the-top customer service, Gnip offers a rare opportunity to work in an environment where your skills will be truly appreciated.  Apply today!

I look forward to helping Gnip grow on top of a strong foundation of product, partners, and people.  If you have any questions, I can be reached at chris [at] gnip.com.

Come to Boulder Startup Week

The second annual Boulder Startup Week kicks off today and runs through May 22nd. For the past five years, Boulder has cultivated a rich startup community. Many of these startups (including us) are looking for talented people with all kinds of different skills. So, what could be a better way to get introduced to Boulder’s startup community than by attending Startup Week?

Join us for five full days of great events, great people, and great reasons to visit Boulder. Gnip is an active member of the amazing startup community here in Boulder, and is a proud sponsor of the event this year.

While you are here, be sure to check out some of the events going on around town, including today’s Boulder Ruby Group meeting hosted at Pivotal Labs. Doors will open at 6:30 pm (Mountain Time) for food, beer, and socializing. At 7:30 pm the event will begin with Tyler Montgomery’s presentation on Sinatra: Unlearning Rails Magic and will conclude with Gnip’s very own Nick Howard with a presentation on Mirah (a Ruby-like language that runs on the JVM).

Also, Next Big Sound is hosting Stats and Draughts in the office space they share with us on Friday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Some of us will be there so be sure to stop by and say hello.

We hope to see you around town and would like to welcome you to Boulder Startup Week!

What It's Like to Work at Gnip

Gnip is hiring. So you might wonder… what’s it really like to work at Gnip?

For me, working at Gnip means working with people I trust and like who bring good ideas, logical thought, hard work, and diverse experiences to the conversation. It means working to grow a product I believe is good for the world; a product that facilitates access to valuable information.

It’s the feeling of energy and responsibility that come with working at a company that’s seminal in our industry and growing quickly. It’s the spirit of hard work and encouragement, but also fun, that our team collectively strives for.

It’s the startup factor that allows for automatic approval for any tool that might make it easier for me to get my job done, whether that’s purchasing software or midday coffee at The Cup. It’s being encouraged to innovate and having the latitude to solve problems in new ways.

So come join us. Our door is open and we’d love to hear from you.

Why You Should Join Gnip

Gnip’s business is growing heartily. As a result, we need to field current demand, refine our existing product offering, and expand into completely new areas in order to deliver the web’s data. From a business standpoint we need to grow our existing sales team in order to capture as much of our traditional market as possible, as fast as possible. We also need to leverage established footholds in new verticals, and turn those into businesses as big as, or hopefully bigger than, our current primary market. The sales and business-line expansion at Gnip is in full swing, and we need more people on the sales and business team to help us achieve our goals.

From a technical standpoint I don’t know where to begin. We have a large existing customer base that we need to keep informed, help optimize, and generally support; we’re hiring technical support engineers. Our existing system scales just fine, but software was meant to iterate, and we have learned a lot about handling large volumes of real-time data streams, across many protocols and formats, for ultimate delivery to large numbers of customers. We want to evolve the current system to even better leverage computing resources, and provide a more streamlined customer experience. We’ve also bit off a historical data set indexing challenge that is well… of true historical proportion. The historical beast needs feeding, and it needs big brains to feast on. We need folks who know Java very well, have search, indexing, and large data-set management backgrounds.

On the system administration side of things… if you like to twiddle IP tables, tune MTUs for broad geographic region high-bandwidth data flow optimization, handle high-volume/bandwidth streaming content, then we’d like to hear from you. We need even more sys admin firepower.

Gnip is a technical product, with a technical sale. Our growth has us looking to offload a lot of the Sales Engineering support that the dev team currently takes on. Subsequently we’re looking to hire a Sales Engineer as well.

Gnip has a thriving business. We have a dedicated, passionate, intelligent team that knows how to execute. We’re building hard technology that has become a critical piece of the social media ecosystem. Gnip is also located in downtown Boulder, CO.


New Office Toy: The Parrot Quadricopter Hovercraft

We spend a lot of time making it as easy as possible for our customers to get the social data they need. Usually. But last week, we had a new addition to the Gnip team: the Parrot AR Drone. 

It’s a 2’ by 2’ hovercraft with a camera attached that you control realtime via an iPhone app. In form with its “Parrot” name, it is the loudest thing around our office by a long shot. So, if you talked with any of us on the phone last week… we apologize. But the best part is, the Parrot’s a 3D video game. While we’re flying him around our office, our iPhones are showing a virtual universe that Parrot has been tasked with conquering.

So far we’ve taken him for a spin around the office, down the hall to the next startups (NBS and Everlater loved him), and even outside for a quick spin on the streets of Boulder. We’ve also narrowly avoided chopping off a few of our fingers and setting off our office sprinkler system. He’s a little hard to control at first, okay? Thanks to Natty for the video:

The Gnip Parrot Flies, Crashes and Burns

Any Parrot fans around Boulder? Stop by for a game! Who knows what next week will bring… but for now, as we go back to building out our API aggregation software… it’s a darn good thing we do still have all our fingers.

Welcome aboard, Rob Johnson

One of the highlights of Boulder’s startup scene is the community aspect, what Micah Baldwin describes as competitive cooperation.  In many areas, startups see success as a zero-sum game and the ecosystem feels pretty hostile.  In other places I’ve lived (I’m looking at you, Bay Area), there’s a general feeling of goodwill amongst startups, but everyone is so freaking busy that true community fails to gel and what you get is a thin veneer of positivity.  In Boulder, we genuinely care about our startup brethren.

Case in point, EventVue.

I met Rob when he was a member of the first TechStars class in Boulder.  Ostensibly I was a mentor in the program, but I learned a ton from him from the very beginning.  Over the next several years, Rob showed his skills in a number of ways — EventVue holds the record for fastest investment close after “graduating” from Techstars; the company counted as customers a number of top-tier companies including Cisco and IDG; he and Josh Frasier relentlessly tackled technical and business obstacles in pursuit of success. At one point EventVue was a Gnip customer and at a later point it was not (but Rob and Josh always offered great feedback).

Ultimately, EventVue wasn’t the success Rob was hoping for.

Given the knowledge he gained, it’s not surprising that companies all over the country were competing to bring him on board.  Rob is a tenacious entrepreneur with a wide variety of skills in product and sales. He’s one of the most personable cats I’ve ever known — he can strike up a conversation with anyone on the street and instantly develop a level of rapport that I envy.  More importantly, he listens like no one I’ve ever known.  For early stage companies, listening to your customers is one of the best ways to orient your product correctly.

If Rob had taken a job offer outside of Boulder, our entire tech scene would have been worse for it.  Thus, I’m doubly excited to welcome Rob as Gnip’s new Director of Business and Strategy.  In the last couple of months he has worked as a consultant for Gnip and he’s already left an indelible mark on the company.  Rob is doing great things for us and I look forward to that continuing for a long, long time.  Just as importantly, I’m confident that someday soon (but not too soon), Rob will start another company in Boulder and perhaps I’ll find our roles reversed. In the meantime, I’m happy that he’s a part of Gnip and that he remains a part of the Boulder entrepreneurial scene.

We're Taking Part in the Boulder Job Fair — Would You Like a Free Trip to Check Out Boulder (and Gnip)?

Boulder has the highest per capita programmers in the country.  It also has the healthiest people on the planet (I can’t back this one up with stats, just anecdotal evidence of 60-year-old grandmothers zooming up and down the mountains).  Basically, Boulder is the land of the mathlete, and it’s awesome!

A ton of local startups are competing for the best developers in Boulder and we’ve come to a common conclusion — we need to expand the pool of applicants.  It’s time to give developers living in the Bay Area, Boston and Bentonville a taste of the Boulder lifestyle and simultaneously introduce them to some of the coolest companies Boulder has to offer.

Are you a badass developer?  Do you code PHP or Jave or C++ in you sleep?  Can you denormalize a database with your eyes closed or create elegant streams of CSS?  We’d like to meet you.  In fact, we’d like to fly you out all expense paid to Boulder for a couple of days to meet some awesome companies, including Gnip, to see if there’s a love connection.  You’ll fly out on day one and spend time checking out the town, spend day two meeting with 20 killer tech companies and then have a third day to follow up with companies you like the best and then fly home.  Not a bad way to spend the last week of October.

If you’d like to know more, check out the additional details at Boulder.Me and then click the button to apply.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in Boulder next month.  We think you’ll dig the town as much as we do, and the companies are pretty rad, too.

Gnip Is Hiring Engineers

Checkout our job posting here. If you think you fit the bill, let us know; we want to talk to you.

Please no recruiter or 3rd party inquiries.