Social Data and The Election

If you’re excitedly waiting the results of the election, and wanted to keep an eye what people are saying about Election 2012 on social media, we have a list of resources below:

  • I Voted Map – A realtime map by the good people at Foursquare allowing people to check in and say “I voted.” The map compiles checkins from voters.
  • The Twitter Political Index – Twitter’s official coverage measuring the sentiment between each Presidential candidate and trending topics related to the election.
  • Tumbling the Election – Coverage from Tumblr’s editorial team tracking top election related hashtags.
  • Facebook Stories on the Election – Watch Americans that said they voted on Facebook in real time.
  • Tumblr Election 2012 – Union Metrics visualization of trending election-related tags on Tumblr. Shows how many posts per second are about the election.
  • Infinigon Group – Tracking realtime political sentiment on social media.
  • 2012 Election Mood Meter – Netbase election mood meter tracks sentiment on social media for both candidates for President and Vice President candidates and breaks it down further by gender.
  • Electoral Map based on Tweets – The Guardian has created a map to show who would win the election based on Tweets.
  • Election Day on Twitter – Al Jazeera and Flowics show buzz volume on Twitter about each of the Presidential candidates as well as a live stream about Tweets on each candidate.
  • Rock The Vote Real-Time Politics – Splunk and MTV have created a visualization of hashtags on Twitter about each Presidential candidate.
  • The Crowdwire – Bluefin Labs has created what they’re calling a “Social Exit Poll” looking at how people are talking about how they voted on social media.
  • Yahoo! Election Control Room –  Attensity has teamed up with Yahoo! to show how America is feeling about the election and sharing select Tweets.
  • US Electoral Compass 2012 – Brandwatch allows you to select a state and date range to show what political issues each state is talking about.
  • NBC Politics – Using Crimson Hexagon to power their social media analysis.
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis – USC is tracking sentiment around each candidate.

Who else are we missing? Also, as a bonus you can see our interview with Gabriel Banos of Zauber Labs on predicting the election with social data and Union Metrics comparison of the candidates using Tumblr data.

Social Data Around Voter Values