Gnip Adds Russian Social Network VK to Data Sources

During Big Boulder last year, a significant part of the discussion focused on the explosion of social conversations happening outside the US.

One of the most interesting regions for our customers is Russia where two-thirds of the population uses the Internet. While Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and others continue to see growth in Russia, VK (formerly VKontakte) is far and away the dominant social network.

As we get closer to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the demand for social data from VK has grown from a murmur to a deafening buzz. In response to this demand, we’re launching VK on our Data Collector product. We’ve already had several customers accessing VK data during the beta period, including Oracle and Adobe who have a very real and pressing need to serve international customers.

Well before the frenzy of the Winter Olympics, major global brands have invested the resources needed to build and maintain their presence on VK. Big brands spend time building communities on VK, and like any marketing effort, they need to be assured that they’ll see a return on their investments. By leveraging VK social data through the Gnip Data Collector, companies will now be able quickly and easily monitor for mentions of their brand among the site’s more than 236 million users.

Keep in mind that VK is much more than a social network, and Gnip will have data on albums, photos, documents, notes and more. VK also provides gender and geo information, making it that much easier for brands to get to know their Eastern European audiences.

VK is not only the dominant social network in Russia, but is also the second largest social network in all of Europe. It supports three official languages — Russian, Ukrainian and English.

We’re excited to continue to add the sources that our customers are demanding. We can’t wait to see what they build.

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