Outside Magazine Names Gnip A Top Ten Place to Work

Here at Gnip Central, we believe that work-life balance makes us stronger, so we were thrilled to learn that Gnip was named one of Outside Magazine’s 2013 Top Ten Best Places to Work!  It was such an honor to be recognized alongside others, like Orbotix, Rally Software, ReadyTalk, who share our commitment to ensuring that our team flourishes both inside and outside of the office. Being a Boulder, CO,- based business, it might not be surprising that we love getting outside, but we think that our focus on maintaining and growing our culture is the thing that really makes Gnip a “best place to work in Boulder!”

We check all of our decisions, big and small, against our values.  Those values help us orient ourselves and keep our business on a trajectory that makes sense for us. These principles also guide how we interact with each other, with our customers and partners, and with the community in which we live and play. One of our values is: work-life balance makes us stronger.

The careers page on our web site is headed with two questions. “Are you the right fit for us?”  “Are we the right fit for you?” As a company, we are keen to hire the best and brightest, but it is equally important to us that we find the right values fit for each position. It makes hiring harder, but we believe that maintaining the cohesiveness of our group pays dividends in terms of morale, productivity, and the sustainability of our business. We want to hire folks who are as happy on day 500 as they were on day 1.

Once you’ve joined the team, we do everything we can to support your happiness and success. We provide many of the non-traditional benefits that are offered by tech companies, like massage therapy days and catered breakfasts, but the sweetest perks, at least in my mind, are the ones that arise spontaneously from our culture. My favorite example is our weekly Hacky Hour, in which our developers and data scientists mentor other team members who want to learn to code. We get together to play basketball, to hike, and to enjoy our favorite beverages. We ride, run, and climb together. All of this makes it easier to know who to ask when you’re dealing with a thorny problem. It makes it easier to stay late to help your colleague work through that problem. We think it helps us solve those problems quicker and more easily, and we are VERY excited that Outside has recognized us for something that we have tried so hard to achieve!

Gnip's Data Science Team on a Hike