Stocktoberfest: Social Finance Conversation on Tap

Last year, Gnip and StockTwits partnered in order to bring this incredible social finance conversation to market – in both real-time and historical products. Given that relationship, we’ve worked closely with StockTwits and have been consistently impressed with how the trading community platform they’ve been building has progressed.

So this last week it was incredibly exciting to attend Stocktoberfest on Coronado Island, and to watch other attendees get a look into just how far this awesome product has come. What really sunk in for me personally was the extent to which the platform has evolved and how leveraged it now is.

In order to get a platform to actually work, you need a few things: community critical mass (check!), producers (check!), and consumers (check!). StockTwits has done an incredible job engaging the community directly on-site, and the latest API allows app developers to weave highly focused (by equity or currency) conversations, bi-directionally, into their apps in real-time.

From a community standpoint, checkout what StockTwits has pulled together:

  • 50+ activities (messages) posted per minute during market hours
  • 70+% of platform activities are “native” to the StockTwits platform
  • 600+ charts shared each day
  • 3000+ symbols covered each day
  • 6 million+ investors and traders read StockTwits content each month across distribution network and API partners
  • average user spends 26 minutes on-site per visit
  • 200K+ Registered users
  • 400K+ Messages a month
  • 70+ Million API requests per month
  • 26% of StockTwits user access via mobile

The Financial charting and equity analysis ecosystem is vast, and because of the work StockTwits has done, that ecosystem can incorporate relevant social conversation directly into platforms and products. By doing so, players in this space can take advantage of the community StockTwits has already built, which lifts their tools, products, and platforms into social. Building community, whether focused or broad, is obviously a hard nut to crack. The more integrations you have, the more the overall community benefits; everybody wins. ChartIQ is one beautiful example of a product leveraging the StockTwits platform that proves this point.

I left Stocktoberfest giddy over where this stream is now. Seeing, and talking to, so many of the StockTwits platform partners was just awesome!

The impact “social” is having across the Finance space is tremendous; as is StockTwits’ role in it. We’re excited for the next few months and what our continuing work with them will bring.

Stage for Stocktoberfest