Steve Jobs – Rest in Peace

Steve Jobs was an innovator, entrepreneur and visionary leader who had an enormous impact on every one of us.  He brought warmth and humanity to the world of technology and in the process changed the entire the way we as humans interact with each other.  The path he blazed was quickly followed by others and even if you don’t own an Apple product, the computer/tablet/phone you are using is better because of him.

The impact he had on us made his death that much more profound and the reaction on Twitter was immediate and immense.  Word spread rapidly, peaking at 50,000 Tweets per minute within 30 minutes.  At that point, Tweets about Jobs accounted for almost 25% of all Tweets being sent globally.


Tweets per Minute

Looking at the content of those Tweets, you see expressions of sadness and loss, thanks for everything he did, and a celebration of his genius and talent.  All sentiments we felt here at Gnip.

Top Terms

Thank you for everything Steve.  The world is a poorer place without you.  Rest in peace.