Netbase's Report: Social Listening vs Digital Privacy

Yesterday, Netbase released a digital marketing reporting done in conjunction with J.D. Power. The report, “Social Listening vs Digital Privacy: A Consumer Study” was done in Dec 2012 and surveyed more than 1,000 US consumers. The survey and analysis focused on customer awareness of social media listening and engagement, and those consumers’ views on this use of their online conversations.

Now, full disclosure – Netbase is a member of our Plugged In partner program – but this survey got me thinking.

You can see a summary survey infographic and explanatory post here. From Gnip’s standpoint, this report aligns closely with a core tenet of our own vision, as well as a key reason behind our creation of Plugged In.

More specifically: A strong, sustainable social media data ecosystem requires an understanding of and adherence to social media network terms of service, data compliance and respect for the user.

If you look at some of Netbase’s findings, that context explains why the mission above is so important. Many consumers value their privacy – but value it within a specific context. And they want actions to come from their words! (50% want companies to listen to improve products and 60% want companies to respond to complaints).  Walking the fine line of helping brands understand consumer opinion while still respecting consumer privacy and personal space requires an understanding of what data is and should be available. As Netbase says (paraphrased) – “don’t intrude but instead build relationships”.

For brands to continue to have access to social data- and to be able to build better products and serve customers better because of that access- there needs to be an understanding and acceptance of what compliant and reliable social data includes.

We’ve made this part of our core mission by focusing on publicly-available social data accessed in alignment with the Terms of Service for that data. We’re grateful for Netbase and our other partners who continue to help us ensure this ecosystem grows more mature through their support of that mission.