Whitepaper: Why Social Data Matters to BtoB

We like to highlight the work of our Plugged In To Gnip partners and one partner had a fantastic story to share. The growing reach of social data, and the value that organizations can derive from analyzing it, continues to amaze even us – (who are obviously the most ardent supporters of this data!). A particularly fascinating use recently came from FirstRain, a Gnip customer and Plugged In partner - when they told us a story about their client, Flextronics.

While you may not fully recognize the name Flextronics, they’re one of the world’s largest electronic services manufacturers. In fact, it’s an easy bet you’ve used an electronic product that depends on a key component they’ve built. From motorcycles to LCD TV receivers or XBoxes, Flextronics has definitely entertained you at some point.

Given that unique and varied electronics product line, some people might not expect them to be at the vanguard of using social data for a very measurable return. But they have been successfully leveraging FirstRain’s ‘FirstTweet’ solution for uncovering business intelligence in social data – in a way that has been directly responsible for winning them specific sales deals.

We couldn’t pass up such a great opportunity to explore the value social data delivered to this unlikely suspect. So we worked with FirstRain and Flextronics to create a white paper bringing this story to life.

If you’d like to check out the full piece, you can download it gnip.com/firstrainwhitepaper.

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