Gnip Introduces Search API for Twitter: Instant and Complete Access to Recent Twitter Data

Today Gnip is announcing the public availability of a new product offering, our Search API for Twitter. We couldn’t be more excited about its disruptive potential to get social data into more tools, more products, and ultimately, more business decisions.

Ever since we announced our industry-first partnership with Twitter in 2010, customers have told us how important it is to them to deliver answers to questions about what has just happened on Twitter and to deliver these answers confidently and quickly. When the conversation about a brand or a product gets heated, brands immediately turn to the companies we serve to engage, measure, and respond. Our new Search API enables Gnip customers to build the product to meet these needs in a way that hasn’t been feasible before.

Although we’re announcing the public availability of this offering today, we’ve been working with a few close partners to integrate the Search API into their products and have seen the impact it has made for them. Realtime marketing leader Expion has used the Search API to build tools to help marketers instantly engage and react to marketing opportunities for their brands that are happening now. Simply Measured, provider of easy and powerful social media analytics, is using the Search API to enable their customers to quickly understand the broader context around conversations about their brands or products. In these early uses, we’ve heard from our customers about how important the “fast” and “instant” experience is for their needs.

Like all Gnip products, we’ve built our Search API to be enterprise-ready and capable of handling the most demanding and business critical use cases. When any Tweet can be the one that changes a decision, every Tweet matters. We’ve built the redundancy and robustness into the Search API to meet the needs of the the most sophisticated and advanced social data uses. At the same time, the Search API also provides an easy path to get started for those new to social data.

With the Search API, the foundational first step in social analytics — counting Tweets over a timeframe about a brand or product — is easier than ever, and is now possible without a having to tackle the traditional challenges with big data, streaming data, or even having to mess with storing data at all.

When reliable, sustainable, and complete social data is easier to get and use, we expect even more business decisions to be made using this incredible data. We can’t wait to help accelerate this future and can’t wait to see what our customers and partners build with this data.

If you’re interested in learning more about our new Search API for Twitter, please visit or email