Reminder: Gnip Platform Updates This Friday

This post is meant to provide a reminder and additional guidance for Gnip platform users as we transition to the new Twitter Streaming API at the end of the week.   We have lots going and want to make sure companies and developers are keeping up with the moving parts.

  • Friday, June 19th:  Twitter is turning off the original XMPP firehose that we have used as the default “Twitter Data Publisher” in the Community Edition of the platform.
  • Starting on Friday, June 19th the new default “Twitter Data Publisher” in the Community Edition of the platform will be integrated to the new “spritzer” tier of the Twitter Streaming API.     Spritzer is a sample of the Twitter stream and not a “firehose”.   This is the default publicly available stream that Twitter is allowing Gnip to make available for anyone to integrate.
  • All Gnip users will be able to access full-data filters with the updated Twitter Data Publisher
  • If your company has an authorized Twitter account for the gardenhose, shadow or birddog tiers and do not want to build and maintain this integration contact us by email at or to discuss how Gnip can provide a solution.

Helpful information about the new Twitter Streaming API:

PS:  The planned Facebook integration is coming along and we have our internal prototype completed.  Driving toward the beta and should have more details in the next week or two.

PSS: We would still appreciate any feedback people can provide on their Twitter data intgration needs – take the survey