Smoke vs. Smoke: DiscoverText helps public health researchers

These days manually sorting data isn’t an option. The ability to easily and accurately classify and search Twitter data can save valuable time, whether for academic research or brand marketing analysis. That’s why we’re excited to add Texifter as a Plugged In partner. Texifter’s SaaS and cloud-based text analytics tools help companies and researchers sort and analyze large amounts of unstructured content, from customer surveys to social media data.

Research groups such as the Health Media Collaboratory in Chicago used DiscoverText to help them identify and analyze the role of social media data in public health — specifically social media reactions to anti-smoking campaigns. Not shockingly, the word “smoke” appears in millions of Tweets in many different contexts (smoky fire, smoke pot, smoke screen, etc.). In this case, the research team was specifically looking for Tweets related to cigarette smoking and tobacco usage. Using the DiscoverText tool, the team could surface only the Tweets relevant to their research. The collaborative, cloud-based nature of DiscoverText facilitated joint research and the easy incorporation of large amounts of different types of data.

We believe that social data has limitless application — and we’re always keen to share the products that prove the point.

Texifter Plugged In to Gnip from Stuart Shulman on Vimeo.