Power Up Those Analytics: Alteryx Gets Plugged In

Earlier this morning, George Mathew – President & COO of Alteryx – announced during his speech at the Inspire 2013 conference that Alteryx is now a Plugged In To Gnip partner.

The journey of this partnership is one that we’ve enjoyed, and it has been a natural fit from the beginning. Alteryx is a desktop-to-cloud analytics solution widely recognized for both ease of use (even across a wide range of user skills) – as well as powerful capabilities that can handle complex problems. With those characteristics, an integration with social media data just made sense!

To top it off, Alteryx has an office and a vocal presence here in Boulder, so we’ve gotten to know many of the members of their team, and have been consistently impressed with their enthusiasm for big, social data and – most importantly – the creative and valuable insights that the right analytics tool can derive from that data.

The release of Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.5 is a great example of what this partnership means for enterprises that need to incorporate social analysis quickly and simply. Within 8.5, users benefit from a pre-built integration with Gnip. As an Alteryx user, you enter your Gnip credentials within the Alteryx tool to access your Twitter stream. You can then plug that social analysis tool into the multi-step algorithm or joined data analytics you are creating. This type of integration enables business users from across an entire enterprise to leverage social data in their everyday decision making by simply adding this tool to their analytic workflow.

We’re very excited to have Alteryx in our Plugged In program, and look forward to working together.