Plugged In To Gnip: Shining A Light On Social Data

Plugged In To Gnip

Today we announced our Plugged In To Gnip partnership program. Although this is an important milestone for our company, we believe this program clearly marks the beginning of new era in the quickly maturing social data ecosystem and that the benefits of today’s announcement will be felt by the end users of social data analysis for years to come.

As we’ve often said, we believe social data has unlimited value and near limitless application. Countless companies, governments, and researchers are now making critical decisions based upon this data. Much of the emphasis across these applications to date has been on the analysis and insights layer. At the same time, there has been clear recognition that the analysis and insights derived from these various solutions are only as good as the underlying social data they are built upon.

In the early days of the ecosystem, the options for accessing reliable, sustainable, and comprehensive social data were very limited. Solution providers that were building upon a sound data layer didn’t want to reveal their proprietary data acquisition secrets. Providers that did not have sound solution, wanted to avoid the data discussion all together. As a result, companies were talking about their solutions without shining a light on the critical data layer portion of the equation.

If social data is going to reach its full potential, the underlying data must be reliable, sustainable, and complete. As an industry we must shine a light on social data so that the data layer is analyzed and scrutinized as much as the application itself. As the world’s largest provider of social data, Gnip has a unique view of the ecosystem and of the organizations that are committed to highest level of social data integrity. At its core, the Plugged In program is a way for us to collaborate with these advanced data organizations to keep driving the ecosystem forward.

There are lots of benefits to partners participating in the program including early access to new data and new features. But, the big winner is the end user. Plugged In To Gnip partners can confidently certify to their end users that they have complete and authorized access to the best social data in the world.