What Our Partners Are Saying About Plugged In To Gnip

Yesterday we launched Plugged In To Gnip, our partner program to recognize our partners providing comprehensive, reliable and sustainable social data. Our COO Chris Moody wrote about what Plugged In To Gnip means for us yesterday, but we wanted to share what our partners were saying about the program and what it means to them.

FirstRain is Proud to be Plugged In To GNIP!

And critical to the success of FirstTweets was, first, to have comprehensive, authorized and reliable access to the Twitter firehose—and for this FirstRain relies on Gnip. Gnip is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of social media data, and in addition to being a fantastic team of innovative social data ninjas, they’ve been terrific partners in our quest to transform the way corporate enterprises drive revenue through Web and Social customer intelligence and analytics beyond social monitoring.

Netbase and Gnip: Maintaining Streams of Quality Content

When I describe my job, I borrow from my childhood near Pittsburgh and explain that if NetBase were a steel mill, I’d be the guy making sure we have trains and barges bringing in high-quality iron ore and the other raw materials we need to make high-quality steel. Gnip, whose Plugged In program we are proud to have joined from its launch, operates one of the biggest, fastest “trains” delivering raw data to us. Out of the roughly 50 million social media postings we analyze and index each day, the majority come from Twitter and we rely on Gnip’s ability to operate a TGV-scale delivery platform. The TGV, if you don’t know that term, is France’s Tres Grande Vitesse, the fastest railway in the world. We also depend on Gnip for Disqus blog comments and much more. But they’re not just filling up buckets for us – Gnip adds value.

Although the TGV has a switching system, its scale is microscopic compared with the “switching” we need from our content suppliers. Although in many cases we tell our supplier “Give us everything you have,” we are able to rely on some of them, including Gnip, to filter the content to ensure that our customers receive 100 percent of the relevant tweets, posts and articles and as little spam and junk as possible. That makes them more a supplier of raw material; it makes them a partner. We also rely on them to put in place the technical and business processes to ensure that we are in compliance with licensing and other requirements created by the owners and distributors of the data they supply – and to help our customers do the same. Just keeping up with those processes and requirements is a challenge as the social media ecosystem evolves and matures.

Gnip Touts Big Data Partnerships

“Social data is a new and incredibly exciting dataset that our customers are beginning to leverage within IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and other IBM products,” said Bruce Weed, IBM big data program director, in a statement. “Via the Plugged In To Gnip business partner program, we make it incredibly easy for them to access that social data.”

Union Metrics is Proud to be Plugged In To Gnip

What else does this partnership mean? It means a number of things, but what’s most important to you – our valued customers – is that all our social analytics products are built on the highest quality, most comprehensive and reliable social data. We are committed to bringing you the data that you need to be successful with social media and our partnership with Gnip helps make that possible; full coverage, high-quality data is at the heart of all our analytics solutions.

Infochimps Plugged In To Gnip

Getting a handle on the immense volume of data produced by the social networks provided by Gnip often requires a sophisticated data infrastructure for the processing and control of feeds.  As a partner in providing solutions to customers needing to extract insight from this treasure trove of data, Infochimps can help by setting up customers with a best in class data platform for refining and working with Gnip’s feeds.

Joining Forces: BrandWatch Collaboration With Gnip 

As a Gnip partner, the social data we access through our Twitter Firehose integration is certified as the most comprehensive, reliable and sustainable source of social data. So in other words, as a Brandwatch client, this has always assured you that the insights you receive are based on the most complete access available for this data – period.

Clarabridge Partners with Gnip to Bring Real-Time Monitoring of Social Media Data to Customer Experience

We recognize that consumers are increasingly looking to social media as a critical means of communication, and businesses need to stay on top of consumer feedback in real time,” said Sid Banerjee, CEO, Clarabridge. “As a member of Gnip’s Plugged In program, our customers will be able to collect, analyze, operationalize and measure social media data in real time, as well as engage directly back with the customer. We are excited to partner with Gnip and enable Clarabridge customers to forge real and direct relationships with their consumers and elevate the customer experience they provide.

Greenplum Plugs In To Gnip

With data from social media platforms accounting for an ever-increasing amount of the Big Data deluge, collecting that data becomes an ever-moving target. As social networks proliferate, so do the respective services’ APIs and access policies. Social media aggregator Gnip aims to simplify the process, allowing businesses to focus on reaping social data insight, rather than tracking which services are hot, which are not, and which have changed their API policies.

Coinciding with its OpenChorus initiative, Greenplum announced a partnership with Gnip recently to make the company’s APIs accessible through the Greenplum platform. As Gnip details in its new Plugged In To Gnip campaign, users of Greenplum Chorus, UAP, Database, and HD can now easily access data from the Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, StockTwits and Disqus firehoses.

uberVU is now Plugged In to Gnip

As an inaugural member of Gnip’s Plugged In program, this certifies that we are accessing social data, like Twitter, through the most comprehensive, reliable and sustainable source of social data. Now, our customers can look to this certification as an assurance that the insights they receive are based on the most complete access available for this data – period. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have the firehose.

UberVu Drinking from the Gnip Firehose