New Office Toy: The Parrot Quadricopter Hovercraft

We spend a lot of time making it as easy as possible for our customers to get the social data they need. Usually. But last week, we had a new addition to the Gnip team: the Parrot AR Drone. 

It’s a 2’ by 2’ hovercraft with a camera attached that you control realtime via an iPhone app. In form with its “Parrot” name, it is the loudest thing around our office by a long shot. So, if you talked with any of us on the phone last week… we apologize. But the best part is, the Parrot’s a 3D video game. While we’re flying him around our office, our iPhones are showing a virtual universe that Parrot has been tasked with conquering.

So far we’ve taken him for a spin around the office, down the hall to the next startups (NBS and Everlater loved him), and even outside for a quick spin on the streets of Boulder. We’ve also narrowly avoided chopping off a few of our fingers and setting off our office sprinkler system. He’s a little hard to control at first, okay? Thanks to Natty for the video:

The Gnip Parrot Flies, Crashes and Burns

Any Parrot fans around Boulder? Stop by for a game! Who knows what next week will bring… but for now, as we go back to building out our API aggregation software… it’s a darn good thing we do still have all our fingers.