New Gnip Publishers: FriendFeed, YouTube and Hulu

We continue to push out new publishers to the beta environment as we work to finish up the release and get the final touches on lots of new features.

The new publishers this week include the following:

  • FriendFeed-search:  Supports the KEYWORD rule-type and works with the standard FriendFeed Search interface for tracking conversations
  • Hulu: Supports the ACTOR rule-type and works with the standard Hulu interface for tracking conversations
  • Hulu-search: Supports the KEYWORD rule-type and works with the standard Hulu Search interface
  • YouTube: Supports the ACTOR and TAG rule-types and works witih the standard YouTube interface and tracks “uploads”
  • YouTube-search: Supports the KEYWORD rule type and works witih the standard YouTube-search interface

Ok, now go grab some data from these or any of our other now 20+ data publishers in the system.   Or read up on the new features in

PS: Also, worth noting we are still in beta with the environment.  Things are going well with the beta and we have been getting lots of great feedback.   At times some of the features in the environment can be unstable since we are working on it in real-time while people use the system.   If your project requires support and 24×7 stability then contact us and make sure you are working in our environment.

PSS: This is not a date driven release — it is a feature driven release — and that said we are getting towards completion — still plan for the beta to continue at least through the beginning of May.