New Beta 3 Update to

We just finished making a major upgrade to the beta environment.  First, thank you to everyone for their patience during our middle of the day upgrade.  We normally schedule upgrades off hours or do a rolling upgrade, but tonight the entire team of ten is going to the Star Trek premiere.   Anyway, we made the “management” decision to do the upgrade earlier in the day so we did not run into our company/family event tonight.

What’s new?   Up until now the data publishers in have been doing lazy scheduling, which means they would pull data but it was actually easy with a small number of rules to miss data or not have a filter get a hit in our scheduling.  Yeah, that is a beta thing as the primary reason for having the beta out for so long was giving users a chance to get all their existing integrations moved to the new schema.   With Beta 3 we have made some major enhancements system that from what we see in our tests greatly improve the amount of data flow across all our data publishers using the new polling services.

From a timeline standpoint we want to let the new features soak a bit and then we will lock down a date to take the system to production as early as the end of May.     In the next few days we are running diagnostics and scaling out the system by putting it through the paces, so feel free to do the same or just work with our notification streams on any given publisher.

Live long and prosper.  (sorry, just could not resist the Star Trek line)