The Power of Command Centers

The ability to integrate enterprise data alongside social data and visualize the output in one place is a powerful one and one that brands are leveraging through the use of command centers. With this tool not only can brands combine internal data with social, but multiple business units can see the data all at once, ensuring efficient workflow. Command centers also help take social data out of traditional silos and make it more dynamic.

A command center is just one of the tools that Gnip customer and new Plugged In partner MutualMind offers customers using social data. The MutualMind platform also helps customers listen, gauge sentiment, track competitors, identify influencers, engage with audiences, as well as having full-service white label and OEM capabilities. We asked MutualMind to share an example of how customers leverage their offerings.


American Airlines also uses the MutualMind Command Center to give their social media team a “30,000-ft view” of what’s being said by travellers, employees and many other stakeholders. Teams across the company are able to quickly see the impact of Twitter and other real-time data streams, in addition to identifying relevant trends for American Airlines and view the competitive landscape. The Command Center enables the American Airlines team to collaborate and coordinate their response, particularly in moments of crisis or brand initiatives.

We love highlighting the ways our customers make life easier for their clients and we’re excited to add MutualMind to the partner program!