Introducing PowerTrack for Tumblr

Gnip is introducing a solution to make it even easier to find the Tumblr data you want to see. We’re introducing PowerTrack for Tumblr, a way to filter specific content. Tumblr is an unbelievable source of social data with more than 70 million new posts every day. Similar to PowerTrack for Twitter, PowerTrack for Tumblr will deliver full coverage of the posts you want based on the filtering criteria you create.

With PowerTrack for Tumblr, you can filter Tumblr data by not only keyword, but also by specific Tumblr blogs. This means if a brand wants to track the content on their Tumblr, they can track activity and reblogs around that specific Tumblr. In addition, users can track specific URLS, so if you’re a brand you can watch for all links to your company page. With Tumblr’s seven post types (text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, video), it’ll now be possible to hone in on specific post types. If you’re only interested when a song is posted, now it’ll be even easier to track. You can read all of the specific filtering rules available on Gnip’s documentation.

After we announced the launch of the Tumblr firehose in April of this year, we’ve been blown away by the uniqueness and richness of Tumblr content and how active their community is. And the Tumblr analytics space is evolving quickly with the launch of Union Metrics for Tumblr several weeks ago. We know that content on Tumblr can be incredibly viral and sticky due to the ability to reblog and tag content. Whether brands have an official presence on Tumblr or not, they’re going to be mentioned there. We’re excited to offer a product that makes it easier to find mentions and content. Check out the details on your own or email us at to learn more.