Access to Public APIs from Instagram, bitly, Reddit, Stack Overflow, Panaramio and Plurk

Our customers care about every public conversation that happens online. Every month we deliver more than 100 billion social data activities to our clients. While much of our social data is from our premium publishers (Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Disqus and StockTwits), we also make a wide range of social data from public APIs readily available through our Enterprise Data Collector product. A significant part of what Gnip does is make social data easier to digest by optimizing the polling of these APIs and by enriching and normalizing the data. We also normalize the data, so if you’re digesting social data from Gnip from the public API of Instagram, it will appear in the same normalized format as social data from Twitter.

To that end, we’re announcing the addition of the public APIs for Instagram, bitly, Reddit, Stack Overflow, Panaramio and Plurk to the Gnip Enterprise Data Collector. While some of those might make perfect sense to you, others might make you turn your head and say, “huh.” Below we have more background on each publisher and why they’re important to the social data ecosystem.

Instagram on Enterprise Data Collector

This photo sharing app, recently acquired by Facebook, continues to be one of the fastest growing social networks out there with 90 monthly million active users. Every day there are 40 million photos uploaded, and every second users like 8,500 photos and make 1,000 comments about them. Our customers have traditionally been very interested in geotagged social data, and between 15 to 25 percent of Instagram users geotag their photographs.

Instagram has become a popular marketing tool for brands from Anthropologie, Intel, Virgin America, Taco Bell and American Express to name a few with Instagram accounts. Furthermore, we’ve really started to see Instagram as a popular tool around current events and for citizen reporting. During Hurricane Sandy, many people used Instagram as a way to document what was happening around them and showing destruction in real time. With the recent inauguration, CNN asked users to tag their Inaugural Instagram photos with #CNN and they saw users submitting an average of 25 photos every few seconds.

Customers accessing the Enterprise Data Collector will be able to access popular posts, conduct tag searches and geosearches.

Potential Uses for the Instagram API:

  • Tracking photos around natural disasters
  • Geo use cases for a given location
  • Brand monitoring

bitly on Enterprise Data Collector

bitly is the easiest and most fun way to save, share and discover links from around the web. While commonly associated as a link shortener for Twitter, bitly is used across the web and provides great information about what social sites are driving traffic. People use bitly to share 80 million new links a day.

Gnip customers will be able to search keywords some of destination page title and URL and some of the content and header tags.

Potential Uses for the bitly API:

  • Monitoring for brand mentions
  • Understanding trending content

Reddit on Enterprise Data Collector 

Reddit is a social news site with user-generated content covering nearly every topic in the world. One of the world’s fastest growing sites in the world, Reddit has 50 million active users contributing links, stories, pictures and topics of discussion.

Customers will be able to search by keyword and hot topics. Brands are often unaware of stories percolating about them on the popular site. One recent interesting example is where a Redditor posted an Applebee’s receipt where a pastor refused to tip her waitress based on how much she was tithing, which ultimately ended up being a national news story.

Potential Uses for the Reddit API:

  • Monitoring for brand mentions
  • Crisis communications warning

Stack Overflow on Enterprise Data Collector

Stack Overflow is a community edited Q&A site about computer programming, making it easy for programmers to find answers to questions they have about code. The site has more than 1.5 million registered users and 4 million questions.

Customers will have access to the entire firehose of Stack Overflow Answers and be able to search tags, reputation and comments by keyword. Programmers tag their questions and making it easy to find the content you’re looking for. Currently, the six most popular tags are C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and Android.

Potential Uses for the Stack Overflow API:

  • Monitoring questions and discussion about software and technical brands
  • Monitoring bugs and outages
  • Often requested in conjunction with review sites

Panoramio on Enterprise Data Collector

Panoramio is a photo-sharing website with geotagged content that is layered upon Google Earth and Google Maps. Panoramio allows viewers to see an enhanced view of Google Earth because they can see other photos taken in the area.

Customers will be able to use a bounding box to view photos within a certain location. We have consistently found that our customers are eager for more social data with geotagged content.

Potential Uses for the Panoramio API:

  • Monitor social activity within a certain geographic area

Plurk on Enterprise Data Collector

Plurk is a microblogging site that allows users to communicate in posts with 210 characters and emoticons. Plurk has more than 1 million active users that post 3 million “Plurks” each day. Plurk is one of the more popular social networks in Taiwan and also has a strong presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and India. Gnip customers will be able to search for keywords within posts.

Potential Uses for the Plurk API:

  • Monitoring for brand mentions, with a particular focus on certain Asian countries
  • Understanding trending content

If you’re interested in learning more about these additional sources on Enterprise Data Collector, please contact for more information.