Gnip Names Hottolink an Exclusive Sales Agent in Japan

It’s probably not news to most readers of this blog that Japan constitutes one of the largest and most vocal social media user bases.

But what’s less talked about is the growing ecosystem of Japanese companies built to analyze the content these users create. This ecosystem, like in the US, is built to educate businesses on how to use social data to drive important daily decisions. This education includes supporting decisions for marketing campaigns, product feedback, supply chain and inventory levels and many other uses.

Given this fast-growing ecosystem, Gnip wants to ensure that our growing client base in Japan has support on the ground; we want to provide them with the highest level of experience and attention we can – without the constraints of different time zones or different language. We are therefore incredibly proud to announce that Gnip has named Hottolink, Inc. our exclusive sales agent in Japan for complete coverage of social data from leading platforms like Twitter, Foursquare and WordPress.

Hottolink has been a strategic Gnip partner since 2012, and a social analytics and data leader in Japan long before that. Their experience in social analytics, their leadership in developing this ecosystem in Japan, and their dedication to client service were all reasons we wanted to work with them.

While clients will still sign service contracts with Gnip, Hottolink will be our on-ground agent to manage the sales process and provide support for all stages of client use. As a result, clients in Japan get access to Gnip data from Twitter and Tumblr, as well as our exclusive sources like Foursquare, WordPress and Disqus.

In addition, and to better serve this growing Japanese market, Gnip has incorporated Hottolink’s Japanese language processing engine – the leader in the field. This allows us to more accurately filter for Japanese language activities for our clients.

Our history with Hottolink has taught us that they are capable of incredible things, and we look forward to this close partnership and all benefits it will provide to our current and future clients.

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