Historical PowerTrack Requests, Now Faster Than Ever

The Twitter Data Product Team is excited to share an update with you around recent enhancements to our Historical PowerTrack offering. In an effort to improve our customer experience for historical data requests, we’ve made substantial technology investments to reduce processing times as well as to support future adoption and usage patterns.

Historical data jobs have always been processed as fast as our infrastructure allowed, and now they are significantly faster than ever before. You may be asking yourself, “So just what does this mean for my business?” Well, here are some data points that should help to put these improvements in perspective:

  • A 1-year historical data job that previously took in the neighborhood of 144 hours to complete was recently processed in just 5 hours.
  • A 2-year historical data job that previously took nearly 288 hours to complete was recently processed in just 8 hours.

We no longer recommend breaking historical jobs down into smaller pieces to process the data faster, thereby affording our customers one more level of improved efficiency.  Your historical jobs will now actually process faster if they remain intact as a singular request and this should make the job management process easier for you and your team.

One final area of improvement benefiting your business is our more accurate estimates around job processing times. While these predictions will certainly remain just that, “estimates”, the deviation from the eventual processing times will be greatly reduced in most cases.

If you have any further questions around these improvements, feel free to reach out to our Product Team at info@gnip.com.