The Gnip Usage API: A New Tool for Monitoring Data Consumption

At Gnip we know that reliable, sustainable, and complete data delivery products are core to enabling our customers to surface insights and value from social data. Today we’re excited to announce a new API that will make it easier for our customers to monitor and manage the volume of Gnip data they consume – the Usage API.

The Usage API is a free service that allows Gnip customers to send requests for account consumption statistics across our various data sources. This API allows for even more granular visibility into usage and allows for new automated monitoring and alerting apps. Customers now have a programmatic way for understanding usage trends in addition to the monthly and daily usage reports already available in the Gnip Console.

Customer usage data is shown in aggregate and broken down by data source and product type to provide a narrow lens for studying consumption levels. There are now numerous activity update intervals throughout the day and, where applicable, monthly usage projections are also provided for insight into end-of-month usage statistics. The Usage API also includes consumption thresholds for each account to enable customers to keep track of maximum anticipated consumption levels.

The Usage API is available for use today. To learn more about the Usage API or to find instructions for getting started, please reference our support documentation.