As Always, Context is Key

Let’s say a company gets thousands of Facebook comments, Tweets, Comments and Posts per day and wants a way to translate the feedback contained in this data to useful insights. Company X needs two things: a way to get access to social data and a tool to analyze it. Enter Gnip and Semantria. We provide social data, and Semantria structures this content using text analytics and sentiment analysis. Today, we’re excited to announce that Semantria is joining the Plugged In partner program. Our joint customers can leverage Semantria’s cloud-based text and sentiment tool to dive deeper into the social data they’re getting from Gnip.

Words in every language have multiple definitions and various interpretations that depend on the context in which the word is used. When analyzing text for tone and meaning, having a tool that understands context is of paramount importance.  For example, if you are tracking mentions of Microsoft Windows online, how will the machine be able to tell the difference between Microsoft Windows and dirty windows?

Digging deeper, let’s look at the word Excel. Are people talking about the Canadian chewing gum brand, the verb “to excel” (to surpass), or the database software by Microsoft?  If the word “excel” is close to the word “chewing” in a sentence, Semantria’s tool knows that this sentence is about the chewing gum–as people don’t tend to chew on Microsoft Excel or excel at their chewing skills.

When determining the overall perception of a product, whether people loved it, hated it, or had no opinion at all, analysis that reflects accurate context is key.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 2.07.44 PM.png

Semantria for Excel: With the integration with Semantria’s Excel add-in, it makes it easy for the non-technical user to quickly gauge the sentiment of everything from internal survey feedback information to a hashtag campaign.