Gnip's New CEO

Jud and Chris – US Embassy in Tokyo, Japan

With pleasure, I announce Chris Moody as Gnip’s new CEO. I am now Gnip’s CTO.

Two years ago we hired Chris as our COO and President. I spent many months searching for him. After getting to know each other for several weeks, I extended my final offer to try and get him on board. I vividly remember calling our lead investor, Brad Feld, up to tell him the final offer was out, and that I was fifty-fifty at best as to whether or not we’d get him; the prospect of landing someone of Chris’ caliber just felt out of reach. I also vividly remember calling Feld up to tell him that he’d signed!

As a business, Gnip caught the tiger by the tail about three years ago, and ever since then we’ve been ratcheting up the team and service to ensure the social data industry has everything it needs. Chris is a great, early, example of scaling up the team.

Since joining, Chris has done nothing but illustrate his undying passion, dedication, and expertise in the context of Gnip. I often talk about how “discretionary energy” applies in the context of entrepreneurship, execution, and making a business actually work. The true measure of someone’s commitment to a challenge is whether or not their discretionary energy goes into it. Since even before his start date, I’ve watched Chris put every ounce of his discretionary energy into Gnip. We’re a huge, thriving business as a result.

This moment is a powerful one for our company. It catches Chris at a moment in time where his understanding of what we need to do next, coupled with years of direct experience executing at Gnip, aligns extremely well with how the business is growing and scaling. Gnip is at seventy employees and growing. Chris has first-hand experience scaling organizations well into the hundreds of people. Similarly on the revenue side, he helped lead his previous company to hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as CEO at Gnip. When I stepped into the CEO role, I wanted to do three things: one, build a serious software company that met global needs in my favorite town; Boulder, CO. Two, build a team that met, or surpassed, my experience at Netscape when I started my professional career many years ago (we’ve surpassed). Three, build tremendous value and an intense revenue stream. Done, done, and done.

Onward. Together, let’s watch and work with Chris to take this up yet another level.