Gnip + Infomart + Infochimps: Real Returns in Real Time

If you missed last week’s webinar about how Plugged In partner Infochimps is helping companies easily develop social data analysis apps to solve key business challenges in real time, we’ve got a short recap for you!

Evaluating: In-house or Outsourcing Solutions

Infomart, an industry leader in traditional media monitoring, was struggling with its legacy technology when it came to social media monitoring. The company, which has been around as a media monitoring company since 1986, had what it refers to as “Frankenstein” technology where they were adding on hodgepodge solutions to meet current needs. Users of their system had to employ multiple tools for traditional news and social media monitoring.

Getting to the Right Product

They came to a point where they had to decide if they wanted to do social media monitoring in-house or not. Ultimately they moved towards moving it out of house and found the the perfect solution by using the Infochimps cloud paired with Gnip data, which allowed them to ramp up quickly on the front end and focus on their other strengths and consulting.

During the process, Infomart also realized that their customers had to always do custom analysis to get the data they needed, which led them to their current solution. Their current solution focuses on three aspects: portfolios, integration and collaboration. Portfolios gives customers a collection point for information, tools and work about a subject, project, crisis, department, client, issue or campaign. Tools to work with data. Integration is about the ability to work on any content piece with the same tools, regardless of source/type of content. Infomart is rare in that it has the ability to integrate with both traditional types of media, as well as social media from Gnip including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and forums. Infomart also allows for collaboration within its platform so you can email content or assign tasks right away.

As Informart says, “Data is the shining star of the platform.”

Behind the Product

Ultimately, what made Infomart’s new solution so flawless was the ability to build on top of Infochimps solution. Infochimps is a suite of enterprise class cloud services that makes it simple and quick to deploy big data applications. Infochimps makes big data, which is traditionally slow and cumbersome, much easier and less complex. Another advantage of Infochimps is its ability to do real-time analytics, ad hoc analytics and batch analytics.

To learn more how all three organizations create returns in real time, you can see the rest of the webinar here.