Full Coverage of Anonymized Foursquare Check-In Data Now Available Exclusively from Gnip

We’re thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Foursquare to provide their full firehose of anonymized check-in data. Location is one of the most interesting ways to view data and no one understands the power of location like Foursquare. With more than 35 million registered users, nearly 4 billion total check-ins, and over 75 million API calls a day, Foursquare is the location layer for the Internet, helping to connect people with places around the world.

Foursquare has always believed in having a robust set of APIs so people can build great solutions on their data.  With today’s announcement we are offering commercial-grade access solutions that will bring a level of reliability, sustainability and completeness that has never been available before.

You may be wondering what it means to provide a full firehose of anonymized Foursquare data.  It means that we’ll be able to provide access to the realtime stream of every check-in that is taking place on Foursquare.  By providing only anonymized data with no form of user identification, Foursquare preserves users’ privacy, while unleashing countless geo-based use cases for businesses and researchers.  For example, this means we’ll be able to deliver all of the realtime activity happening at Starbucks in Portland but not who is checking in to each location.

The possibilities for what can be created with complete access to the anonymized Foursquare firehose seem endless. For example, The Wall Street Journal was able to do side by side comparisons of New York and San Francisco to find what makes each city tick. Retailers will be able to study the results of local advertising campaigns. Financial analysts will have another valuable data point to forecast Black Friday sales.  Real estate development groups will be able to better understand where they should develop new locations. As Blake Shaw, Foursquare’s data scientist, told us when we interviewed him:

“We are capturing this amazing signal about what millions of people are doing in the real world at every moment of the day in cities all around the globe. We have seen that when we aggregate check-in patterns across many individuals, we can measure features of cities at a higher resolution than was ever possible before. I think this data can act almost like a “microscope for cities.”

Foursquare will be joining our other premium publishers – Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Disqus, IntenseDebate, StockTwits and Estimize. We are offering both the full firehose and filtered access through our robust PowerTrack product.

We can’t wait to see what the world will build once they have access to the full Foursquare firehose!

To learn more, check out gnip.com/foursquare or email info@gnip.com. You can also head over to Foursquare to read their post, “Giving data nerds access to the realtime pulse of check-ins around the world.”