Gnip is Now The Provider of GetGlue Social Data

During Big Boulder this year, Maya Harris from GetGlue talked about the community on GetGlue and how they banded together to keep the TV show Nikita on the air when it was on the verge of being cancelled. Maya also showed the strong correlation between the volume of GetGlue check-ins and Nielsen ratings for a show like “The Walking Dead.” With examples like these, we’re incredibly excited about the insights our customers will develop now that they have access to the full firehose of check-ins and comments from GetGlue.

GetGlue is a recognized leader in second screen engagement and social television. It’s a community of more than 4 million people bantering about their favorite shows and movies, the cliffhangers and the surprise endings. With GetGlue, users can use their phones and computers to check-in, like, comment and engage with other fans around the TV shows, movies and sports that they love. More than 75 major television networks and 25 movie studios use GetGlue to promote their shows and movies and engage with their fans.

The possibilities we see for analysis of this data are immense. Looking for a realtime measure of a TV show’s popularity? GetGlue check-ins are closely correlated to Nielsen ratings.

GetGlue Walking Dead Infographic

Want to get an early measure on the box office success of a big movie release? You can use the check-ins on GetGlue to get a realtime measure of the most popular movies on any given weekend. Trying to figure out it fans of Game of Thrones are also fans of The Walking Dead? Now you can.

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