How to Execute Social at Scale: Carlsberg’s Story

Our customers find and solve social media monitoring and management pain points everyday.  It’s fun for us to hear from our customers’ clients about how a product makes their lives easier.

We recently spoke with Martin Majlund, the Group Marketing Technologist at Carlsberg Group, about how the company manages social media accounts across all of the brands under the Carlsberg umbrella. You’ve likely heard of, or had, Carlsberg, but there are almost 500 other brands under Carlsberg Group management. Coordinating hundreds of brands operating in  countries around the world, quickly engaging with customers in the channels through which they reach out, and developing content are just a few of the everyday tasks of Carlsberg Group brand marketing teams. These are tasks that are made easier when the teams managing them have a platform that streamlines efforts and provides visibility into who is doing what.

To solve this problem, Carlsberg uses the Falcon Social platform to consolidate all of its social media sites and achieve a more unified presences across its brands.  Falcon Social is a social media management platform and, as of this morning, the newest Plugged In partner. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Falcon platform helps brands manage content and publishing of all of their social media accounts–from Twitter to Tumblr.

Falcon Social Content Publishing Calendar

Today, Carlsberg has integrated 90 channels and has 320 active users on the Falcon platform, allowing them to bring content creation in-house and easily scale the management of their brands.

For more of the details about Carlsberg’s story, check out the case study.