• http://twitter.com/chadhutchins Chad Hutchins

    That’s really cool. Just curious, what size EC2 instances are required to handle what you’re doing with the Twitter Firehouse?

  • Eric Ryan

    Chad: Thanks! Everything is currently running on m1.large except the Fetchors which are m1.small. We have a lot of headroom with this setup. All of our machines have a load average of less than 1.0 and less than 40% memory utilization so we could likely scale at least some nodes back to c1.medium.

  • Nathan Folkman

    Just curious, do you cache the results to avoid having to do multiple HTTP HEAD requests for the same short URL?

  • Eric Ryan

    Nathan: We currently do not do any caching of expanded URLs. We’ve discussed adding a caching layer, and will likely do so in the future, but we felt it wasn’t necessary for the beta period.