Welcoming Estimize, Gnip’s Latest Premium Publisher

At Gnip, we’ve always had a theory that financial firms would be hungry for social data. What has happened has surpassed our expectations, though; we’ve seen an incredible hunger from firms wishing to use social data as a news source, a sentiment signal and a research set.

One of the ways we’ve measured the success of how this sector uses social data is by how often our customers ask for additional social data sources. One of the most consistent asks we’ve heard has been for for Estimize, a crowdsourced earnings estimates platform that provides open sourced financial estimates with incredibly transparency, making it a valuable and unique set of social data.

We’re excited to now be the exclusive provider of Estimize’s social data, delivering our trading customers yet another competitive edge driven by social interaction. Estimize has a community of 2,50 vetted analysts that create estimates that beat comparable Wall Street reports more than 67% of the time. In the short few years since Estimize has been founded they’ve become a force, and we believe this dataset- and the power of this dataset- will continue to increase substantially over time.

Watching how the financial industry has incorporated social data from StockTwits, Twitter and now Estimize is proving the utility of social data and we’re excited to be on the vanguard of that.

For more information, please visit Gnip.com/Estimize or email info@gnip.com.