Data Monitoring and Volume Controls

The Gnip Sales and Support teams do an excellent job of helping new customers to determine the best filters for their unique business applications. Whether through live training or our extensive online support portal, we help customers create and manage source-specific rules that result in predictable volumes of data. Customers are free to set as many or as few rules as they like, but sometimes a surprise event or a lapse in planning can result in charges in excess of their data plans.

We recently developed a set of user-configurable controls that will help you to avoid these overages and prevent any surprises come billing date. They allow you to better monitor realtime data usage, set event notifications and even establish hard volume caps on your total data consumption. These new tools can all be found in your Gnip Console.

New Reports

We now offer three different data consumption reports that show your Monthly Usage, Per-Day Usage and Current Day Usage.

  1. Monthly Report”: This report includes information such as Month-to-Date consumption, usage for the previous two months and an estimation of your End-of-Month total based on your current consumption velocity. This is a great tool for looking ahead at your anticipated total usage (and expected charges) at any point during the month. The values are broken out by product, along with a summary of total data consumption from each Source. It is important to note that we dedupe the activities on this report so it can be used to accurately estimate your data charges.

  2. “Daily Report”: This report details your usage on a day-by-day basis for the given month. The values are deduped and are again broken out by product-specific consumption rates.

  3. “Today Report”: This report includes your current day activity as well as those for the previous two days.

Event Notifications

There is a new email alert system available in the Gnip Console that allows you to create admin notifications when certain volume thresholds are reached. You can set both “Warning” and “Critical”-level email alerts, and you can designate as many recipients in your company as you’d like.

Data Capping

The last of these tools is the ability to set hard caps on your data consumption. While the idea of creating a hard-stop on data usage seems pretty basic, keep in mind that a cap will truly cut off your stream if a designated limit is met. Most of our customers prefer to pay for additional data rather than risk a less than positive customer experience should the stream be interrupted. That said, we ask that you contact your Gnip Account Executive to create a data cap.

We think that you will find these new tools to be a great way to more proactively monitor and control your data consumption. Watch our video tutorial for more details, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.