Boulder Chamber of Commerce: Why Gnip Joined

It took awhile, but Gnip’s now a Boulder Chamber of Commerce (@boulderchamber) Member. We joined after a pattern of clear value to our particular industry became clear. In August of this year they hosted an event on that put us face-to-face with a the U.S. Department of Commerce Under Secretary for International Trade (Francisco Sánchez) and Colorado Congressman (Jared Polis) where we discussed software patent issues, as well as immigration visa challenges the U.S. tech industry faces. Tonight I’m attending an event with Congressman Polis and a local software Venture Capitalist (Jason Mendelson) to talk about challenges surrounding the hiring of technical talent locally, and globally.

These are topics with significant political/legislative dynamics, and the Chamber has given us, a local software firm, access to relevant forums in which we can get our point of view on the table; thank you.

Whether or not the Chamber has been providing this kind of relevant access all along, I don’t know (my perception is otherwise). I do know that the impact they’re having on us as a local software business, as well as the channel they’re giving Gnip to get its perspective heard in the broader (National) forum, is significant. I’d encourage other Boulder software/technology firms to support their efforts, contribute in their events, and help them build an agenda that in the end, helps us be more effective software/technical businesses.

Join us, in joining the Chamber.