Launching Automattic’s Certified Products Program

“Now that social data is becoming business-critical, it must become enterprise-class.” – Susan Etlinger, “The Emerging Social Data Ecosystem”, 9/18/2013

At Gnip, our customers’ experience is that social data has been “business-critical” for a while. But Susan Etlinger’s point is worth reiterating. While businesses have spent the last few years trying to figure out the “what” and the “why” of social data, they are increasingly focusing on “where” their data comes from. And the most sophisticated businesses know that scraped data is fundamentally different from a rate-limited public API, which is different than a full firehose.

The WordPress platform now represents an amazing 19% of the web. Which means if you want to know what people are saying about your brand on the web, you have to consider content from WordPress. With today’s announcement, we are putting a stake in the ground and saying that if your WordPress content is coming from elsewhere it is not suitable for building an enterprise-class product.

mBlast and Networked Insights, the inaugural members of the Automattic Certified Products Program, have always been strong advocates of including high quality blogs and comments among the wide variety of sources they offer their clients. Likewise, at Gnip we’ve long championed the “social cocktail”: the idea that the social data universe extends well beyond Twitter and Facebook and that any company trying to understand what is being said about their brand and industry has to consider other sources of data in order to get the full story.

Long-form content offers not only rich and deep expression, but the half life of the conversations that take place on a platform like WordPress is substantially longer than the equivalent conversation on microblogs, where conversations often begin and end in a matter of minutes or hours.

Until Gnip and Automattic brought the firehose to the market in late 2011, the only solution for even attempting to capture these conversations was building elaborate and often expensive crawlers in order to capture data from specific URLs. But if you’re in the business of realtime discovery and analytics, your customers tend not to be impressed if your crawled solution returns a conversation hours or even days after it happened and you cannot guarantee that you’ve provided them with everything.

To learn more about how mBlast and Networked Insights are using the WordPress firehose to provide valuable insights to their customers, check out their blog posts here and here.

For more info about how you can get access to realtime WordPress data via Gnip or become a member of the Certified Products Program, email