Gnip Company Culture Insights

I recently sat down one-on-one with our company’s leadership team to further understand what makes Gnip one of the best places to work in the Boulder / Denver area. It became apparent that more than all of the perks at Gnip, the employees are the secret ingredient. Each individual on the leadership team seemed to discuss the same two themes without any prior knowledge to what any of the others had already discussed. These themes are the key elements to building a team that is happy, hardworking, and highly motivated.

Encourage Full Team Buy-In
Multiple members of the leadership team presented the idea of encouraging employees to take ownership in the success of the company, rather than delegating jobs and tasks to each individual. Rob Johnson, Gnip’s VP of Product, talked about that if you can see company buy-in, you can solve company needs. This is extremely evident among all facets of the Gnip team where each and every employee works to understand and solve the company’s needs. Chris Moody, Gnip’s COO, made it clear that Gnip drives our business on what our customers need. From the sales team to the engineering team, every employee strives to understand our customers’ needs and works to provide them with the tools for success.

Trust Your Employees while Empowering Them to Make Change
Trust was the single most unifying theme among the leadership team. Greg Greenstreet, the VP of Engineering, summed it up by explaining that the key is to hire the right people and trust them to do the right thing. Gnip employees earn this trust by working to continually improve the overall customer experience as well as expand and enrich our product offering. Employees are given the ability to shape the future of the company and often take the reins by pursuing projects that reach across multiple departments.  It is common for employees to turn customer feedback into instantaneous action items. You will often find several members of the engineering team, product team, sales team, and other departments gathered around whiteboards or computers discussing and implementing solutions based on our customers’ needs.

Each team member of Gnip is fully bought into driving the success of the company through the success of our customers by sticking to the core values of Gnip. Greg Greenstreet highlighted the culture at Gnip best when he said, “Our assets walk out the door every evening.” This culture is fueled by all of the talented, hardworking, customer driven employees who make up our growing team.  I should note that we are looking for a handful of new team members to help us continue to grow and lead Gnip into the future.  If this sounds like a place you would be interested in working, check out our hiring page.